Make the most of your membership

Make the most of your membership


Our Peoplecarers have come up with some handy tips to help you get the most out of your membership:


Know your cover

There are two sides to health insurance – Hospital cover and Extras cover. Hospital cover is designed for hospital stays and covers you for things like hospital room rates, theatre fees, intensive care, most types of surgery and part of your doctors’ bills while you’re in hospital. Extras cover is all about everyday services, like physio, chiro, optical and dental. To get the most coverage, it’s best to have Hospital & Extras cover.

Remember – the cheapest option isn’t always going to save you money in the long run. Knowing exactly what you’re covered for is key! There might even be more things you could be claiming for.

Keep track of your claims

We know, it’s usually easier said than done! We run on a financial year, which means that most of your benefits reset on 1 July every year.

Claim often

Anything over 2 years old can’t be claimed, so get those receipts out of the shoebox and in to us! Remember that you can claim online for dental, optical, physio, chiro & osteo, podiatry and occupational therapy (as long as they’re less than 2 months old).

Hint: our Mobile Claiming app makes claiming easier than ever. 

Details, details, details

To get your claims paid as quickly as possible, make sure you include your Peoplecare membership number and a provider number on your claim forms. All providers have an individual Provider Number, which is a mixture of letters and numbers and is usually found with the contact details on their invoice.

Know your excess

Our Hospital excesses are halved for public hospital & day stays, and there’s no excess for kids under 21. If you’re thinking that hospital cover is a bit too pricey for you, maybe think about upping your excess – the higher your excess, the lower your membership payments.

Peoplecare vs Medicare

There are rules around what we can and can’t pay benefits for, and visits to your GP and specialists are only covered by Medicare (unless they see you while you’re in hospital). 

Keep in touch

To avoid any out-of-pocket shocks, always give us a call before you have any procedures or go into hospital and we’ll talk you through what benefits we’ll pay.

Stay covered

Keeping your cover means you won’t have to worry about Lifetime Health Cover loading, re-serving waiting periods, the Medicare Levy Surcharge or any other nasties.

We’re here to help

If you’re going into hospital, give us a call first and we’ll talk you through what to do and let you know about other Peoplecare services that might help you. And don’t forget to read through our hospital fact sheet!

Discounts & freebies

Get in on our special offers and make the most of the free health programs on our Mid* & Premium Hospital covers whenever you can.

*''Mid Hospital' cover is closed to new members.