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Peoplecare member Ryan Gregson is one Australia's favourite gold medal chances at the games on Saturday 14 April. Turn on your telly at 4:10pm for the final. 

As we count down the sleeps, Ryan fills us in on the excitement building for an event littered with the fastest 1500 metre runners on the planet.

What was your journey through to the Commonwealth Games?

I ran four 'A' qualifiers last year when the qualification period was open. After running the time, I then needed to secure my position at the Commonwealth Games Trials against the other 1500m runners who also had the 'A' qualifier. I won the trial, automatically securing my selection for the Commonwealth Games. 

How are you preparing for the 1500 metres? 

I run 140km week in, week out. My training has a lot of variety. I will do anything from a 90 minute run in the hills, to some sprint repetitions over 150m. It's quite varied to cover all bases, as the 1500m is a mix of speed and endurance. 

It looks like if you hit your current PB at the games, you'll be in the medals. What are your expectations? 

The 1500m is the most competitive event at the Commonwealth Games. The Kenyans who came 1st and 2nd at last year's World Championships will be racing, so the competition will be extremely tough. My aim is to be competitive and run a tactically smart race, giving myself every chance. That could mean I finish anywhere from 1st to 8th. The competition is very cutthroat. 

What sacrifices does it take to make it to the top of world athletics? 

What we are trying to do is very abnormal, so that means you need to lead a very abnormal life. I don't see that anything is a sacrifice because I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. I feel sorry for everyone else that doesn't get to do what I do! 

The main things I'll look forward to doing once I retire would be drinking more beer, eating more pizza and staying up later. 

You're a long-time Peoplecare member. How does Peoplecare keep you healthy and on the track?

My family and I have always been with Peoplecare, and so is my fiancé Genevieve LaCaze who is also competing at the Commonwealth Games. As an athlete I have many physio and massage appointments, and being with Peoplecare means that I never need to skimp on these areas, because Peoplecare have amazing plans that always seem to have me covered.