Why We Think You'll Love Us

Why We Think You'll Love Us

At Peoplecare, we genuinely love people. And that means giving you more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t. So if you’re looking for cover, or need a hand with anything to do with your health cover, just give us a buzz.

Love a quick switch

Even if you’ve already got health insurance, it’s worth calling to see if we can get you a better deal. After all, it’s really easy to switch! And if you do come over from another health fund, you’ll be continuously covered and won’t have waiting periods for anything that you’re already covered for.

Love getting more for less

We do everything we can to make your health cover easy. And our low premiums come with high benefits, giving you great value for money – and more cash to splash on the things you really love. It’s just one of the reasons we’ve won lots of awards and have been rated among the best health funds in Australia.

Love more personal service

Because we’re not for profit, we’re all about you. Our staff love answering the phone in person. And we love giving you simple answers to your questions, so if you’re not sure about anything, just give us a call. If you prefer, you can access your membership anytime you need to with our 24-hour Online Member Services. It lets you check your coverage, change your cover and even make a claim.

Love a quick claim

Just use our handy membership card at any participating provider for on-the- spot claiming. You swipe your card and only pay any difference between their fee and your fund benefit. You don’t even have to make a claim! Or if you prefer, you can claim most things 24x7 online. Or send us your claim any other way you like (email, fax or mail).

You’ll also love our:

  • Great benefits for dental, optical, physio, chiro and natural therapies

  • 100% Ambulance cover which is included in all Peoplecare levels of cover

  • Health Management benefits for health programs like quit smoking courses, stress management & weight control

  • National coverage – we have arrangements with over 30,000 doctors and 500 private hospitals around Australia

  • Medical Gap cover with participating doctors