Business Partners

Business Partners


Technology Partners

One of our key strategies is Technology Leadership and we aim to leverage technology to:

  • deliver cost-effective service enhancements
  • deliver efficiencies and improved processes
  • be an early adopter of new technologies to support our business strategies

We foster strong relationships with our technology partners to ensure mutually beneficial solutions.

We have in place strategic partnerships with the following companies to deliver on our technology and innovation platforms.



HAMB Systems provide us with a quality health insurance software and information technology solution for the processing of all health insurance transactions, including web-based member services. HAMB Systems is a not-for-profit co-operative company formed by a number of private health insurers to meet the present and future technology needs of our members. Peoplecare is a co-owner of HAMB Systems Ltd.



Dataract’s e5 solution manages, integrates, automates, measures and monitors business processes. e5 incorporates imaging, document management, fax management, email archiving, workflow, statistical reporting and business activity monitoring. Peoplecare has achieved a highly efficient paperless office through the use of E5.



Transactional Health Exchange Linking Multiple Applications (THELMA) provides the facility of electronic eligibility checking plus hospital and medical claiming. The intelligence built into THELMA enables the exchange of real time information and transactions between health funds and providers.



Is an electronic, real time, claiming and payment system, which offers members the convenience of automatic ancillary claims processing on the spot. Members swipe their membership card at participating general treatment providers and simply pay the gap between the charge and the benefit. There is no need to submit a separate claim.


IBA Health

IBA Health’s electronic ancillary and hospital claiming applications replace cumbersome manual processes making healthcare management easier, more cost efficient and better for members.



Electronic Claims Lodgment and Information Processing System Environment (ECLIPSE) enables electronic health sector connectivity between health care providers, health funds and Medicare. It enables eligibility checking and claiming transactions


Business Partners


We provide travel insurance at significantly discounted rates to our membership through QBE Travel Insurance. For more than 120 years, QBE has provided a leading range of general insurance solutions.

QBE's specialist teams are focused on delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of their clients.

Allianz Global Assistance

Peoplecare is one of only four licence holders approved to provide Overseas Student Health Cover in Australia. We operate this business activity through a Marketing and Management Agreement with our partner, Allianz Global Assistance, who has been taking care of travellers since 1983.

With a worldwide network of 240 correspondents, 33 operations centres in 26 countries and 400,000 service providers, the Allianz Global Assistance provides support to a customer every 3 seconds.