Industry Partners

Industry Partners



Peoplecare plays an active role in several industry associations, through which we seek to represent our members’ interests and the interests of smaller health insurers in general.


We seek to be a leader in both industry and technological initiatives and actively pursues a leadership role in relevant associations including:

These associations include: 





The Health Insurance Restricted Membership Association of Australia (HIRMAA) was established in 1978 and exists to represent the interests of restricted membership and regionally focused private health insurers and to assist these organisations to provide their contributors with quality and affordable health insurance and health care services.


There are 17 member funds of HIRMAA. All member funds operate as not-for-profit.


Michael Bassingthwaighte, Peoplecare CEO is currently a Director of HIRMAA. 







The Australian Health Service Alliance ( AHSA ) is a company that represents 26 of the 36 registered private health funds across Australia . AHSA has its head office in Melbourne and branch offices in Sydney and Adelaide.

The AHSA is responsible for facilitating arrangements between hospitals, doctors and health service providers on behalf of its member funds.


The AHSA has contracted arrangements with 500 private hospitals and over 20,000 doctors nationally.


Michael Bassingthwaighte, Peoplecare CEO is currently a Director of the AHSA . 






HAMB Systems Limited supplies and supports the HAMBS (Hospital and Medical Benefits System) application - a quality health insurance software and information technology solution for the private health insurance industry in Australia.


HAMB Systems is a not-for-profit co-operative company formed by a number of private health insurers to meet the present and future computer software needs of its member funds.


HAMB Systems Ltd provides the following services to its members: the HAMBS Application Software, applications hosting through HAMBS Application Services Network (HASNet), network management, technical and support services, consulting services and security services.


Michael Bassingthwaighte, Peoplecare CEO is currently Chairman of HAMB Systems Ltd.