Our Service Promise

Our Service Promise

At Peoplecare, we love people and we know that personal is best. When you deal with us, you’ll see that it’s all about our true loves:

• Love personalised service from real people
• Love making health insurance easier
• Love getting better deals and value for money for our members
• Love being not for profit, so it’s all about our members

Because we’re member-owned and not-for-profit, we’re all about you. We treat you like a real person with individual needs and circumstances, not just a number. Our staff love answering the phone in person. And we love giving you simple answers to your questions, so if you’re not sure about anything, just give us a call.

If you're unhappy and have a complaint, we want to hear about it so that we can make things even better. Check out our Complaints Policy for more info.


Some of our key service principles are:

We’ll make it easy!

When you join Peoplecare, our staff will help you navigate the health insurance maze. Every call is important to us and we take the time to help you because we know how confusing health insurance can be.
When you phone us:

  • When you call us, a real person answers the phone. No automatic voice response machines, no long wait times, no fancy systems to give you a call back. You speak to a real person every single time.
  • We’ll answer your call within 3 rings. In fact, we answer our phones in less than 15 seconds 95% of the time.
  • We’ll monitor your call, to help us train our staff to give members the best possible personal treatment and keep our customer service standards in tip top condition.

When you email or write to us:

  • We’ll answer your email within 4 hours*.
  • We’ll answer all other written enquiries within 24 hours*. In a few cases where the issues are more complex or if we need to do some research for you, we’ll respond within 48hrs*.
  • We’ll respond to all complaints within 24 hours*. Again, if it’s a very complex matter which needs more investigation, we’ll follow up every 7 days and keep you posted until the issue’s resolved.

* Although it may take a little longer at busy times of year.


It’s all about our Members

Our staff are so proud of our fantastic service levels. We listen to our members when they call or email us with their ideas and suggestions and they also tell us what they think through our annual member satisfaction surveys. Our 2016 Member Satisfaction Survey told us that a staggering 97% of our members are satisfied with the fund and we’re delighted about that!

We’re 100% committed to giving our members the best possible service and while we know we do a great job, we still always aim to make things even better.

In fact, the latest IPSOS Healthcare and Insurance Australia Report reported that Peoplecare received top scores for customer satisfaction and loyalty with a Net Promoter Score of 84 (that's almost double the average health fund score of 43!). We also got the highest ranking of open health funds on how we treat members as individuals, not numbers.

We’re always reviewing our service quality, business processes, and staff training and development through call monitoring and performance measurement.


Making a claim is easy!

You just choose the easiest way for you.

Swipe your Membership Card

The easiest way of claiming is by simply swiping your magnetic membership card when you visit one of the 35,000 health care providers in our national network. We pay your benefit straight into your provider’s account and you just pay them the difference. And there’s no need to send in a separate claim!

Claim with our app

Forget scanning and emailing your receipts - simply take a photo of your receipt on your smart phone or tablet, open our app, pop in your details and voilà! Your claim is on its way to us in record time. Click here for more info on how to use and download.

Claim Online

You can claim online through Online Member Services and your benefit is electronically deposited straight into your account. You just hang onto your receipts in case we ask for them later.

Send in your claim

We'll always do our best to process your claims within 48 hours of receiving them (although it may take a little longer at busy times of year). Once done, your benefit will be paid straight into your account - no waiting for cheques to clear!

If you’d like more info, just give us a buzz on 1800 808 690 or email us.