Private Hospital Cover

Private Hospital Cover


 You want a comprehensive private hospital cover that provides for the health needs of yourself and everyone in your family.

Private Hospital Cover gives you private and public hospital cover Australia-wide.

  • You can choose your level of excess - no excess, $250 excess or $500 excess
  • Cover 365 days per year
  • No exclusions
  • 100% national Ambulance Cover


Private Hospital no excess - cover description


Private Hospital $250 excess - cover description


Private Hospital $500 excess - cover description


Private Hospital Cover (Effective from 1 April 2013)

Our highest level of cover for most public and private hospital services 365 days per year
Excess Options No excess
$250 excess
$500 excess
Public or Private Hospital
  • shared or private room
Same day hospital stays
Theatre fees
Intensive care
Pharmacy in hospital
Medical Gap
Obstetrics (pregnancy & birth-related services)
Voluntary sterilisation
Cardio-thoracic services (e.g. heart & chest)
Assisted reproductive services (e.g. IVF)
Eye surgery
Joint replacements
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Other Medicare Services
Cosmetic Surgery
Services not covered by Medicare
100% national Ambulance Cover
  • An excess is the amount you pay up front if you go to hospital.
  • You can choose an excess on your cover to save on your premium.The higher your excess, the less you pay in premiums.
  • No excess for kids under 21.
  • Public Hospital or Day Surgery: You only pay half the excess
  • The good news is, no matter how many times someone on your membership goes to hospital during a financial year, the most excess you’ll pay is:
What’s your excess? Maximum excess for the year
  Single Couple/Family
$250 excess $250 $500
$500 excess $500 $1,000
Key Features
  • We have agreements with around 30,000 doctors and 500 private hospitals across the country
  • We pay benefits for Medicare listed items while you’re in hospital.
  • Please note that if you’re going to hospital, contact us first so we can give you more info about what you will and won't be covered for.



How much does it cost? - Private Hospital


Monthly premium
from 1 April 2015
Without Rebate*
Single Single Parent Family Couple/Family
No Excess $204.81 $307.22 $409.62
$250 Excess $185.86 $278.79 $371.72
$500 Excess $166.90 $250.35 $333.80


Monthly premium
from 1 April 2015
With max. Rebate* for under 65s
Single Single Parent Family Couple/Family
No Excess $147.81 $221.72 $295.62
$250 Excess $134.11 $201.19 $268.27
$500 Excess $120.45 $180.70 $240.90
* The Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance is income tested and applies to all Peoplecare products. The premiums in the table above are the full premium, and the premium with the maximum Rebate for under 65s taken out (because this is the premium that applies to most people). Your Rebate is based on your age, income, CPI (inflation), and average health fund industry increases using a complex Government formula. Your rate may change depending on your Rebate Tier and if you have a Lifetime Health Cover loading. Click the links for more info, and if in doubt just give us a buzz on 1800 808 690.


Other important info - Hospital

There are some important things you need to know about your cover. Please click on the links below to read more.