What’s a PBS?

What’s a PBS?

In January, the Government raised the PBS amount from $38.30 to $38.80. But what is the PBS anyway?

PBS stands for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, and it’s the amount that the Government pays towards certain prescription medications to make them more affordable. Which is great, but can make it a bit tricky to figure out just what you’ll get back from us if you’re making a claim.

Let’s say you’ve just got some medication that cost you $57. We’re only allowed to pay benefits on the difference between the PBS amount ($38.80) and the amount you paid ($57), which in this case is $18.20. How much of that $18.20 you’ll get back then depends on your level of cover.

The PBS itself changes in January every year. 

As always, if you aren’t sure about what you’ll get back just give us a buzz on 1800 808 690 and we’ll let you know.