Basic Private Hospital - $500 excess

Basic Private Hospital - $500 excess

Prior to 1 July 2015, this product was known as 'Basic Private Hospital $500 excess'. 

To keep you in the best of health, Peoplecare's Mid Hospital covers you for most (but not all) private hospital services and ambulance cover.

Mid Hospital cover gives you private hospital cover for most things, but public hospital cover for:

  • Psychiatric
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cardio-thoracic surgery (eg. heart & chest)
  • Eye surgery
  • Joint replacement (eg. hip & knee)
  • Obstetrics (pregnancy & birth related services)
  • Dialysis
  • Assisted reproductive services (eg. IVF)

It also includes 100% national Ambulance cover.


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How much does it cost? - Mid Hospital


Monthly premium
from 1 July 2015
Without Rebate*
Single Single Parent Family Couple / Family
$500 Excess $110.75 $166.13 $221.50


Monthly premium
from 1 July 2015
With max. Rebate for under 65s*
Single Single Parent Family Couple / Family
$500 Excess $79.90 $119.88 $159.85


* The Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance is income tested and applies to all Peoplecare products. The premiums in the table above are the full premium, and the premium with the maximum Rebate for under 65s taken out (because this is the premium that applies to most people). Your Rebate is based on your age, income, CPI (inflation), and average health fund industry increases using a complex Government formula. Your rate may change depending on your Rebate Tier and if you have a Lifetime Health Cover loading. Click the links for more info, and if in doubt just give us a buzz on 1800 808 690.



Other important info - Hospital

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