We’re an Aon Employer of Choice

Again? Yep. Work doesn’t have to be a drag and nor does health cover.

Peoplecare has made the coveted Aon Best Employer list for the third time, one of only 12 organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Peoplecare first made Aon Best Employer status in 2017, following up with 2018 and 2019.

Why does it matter to our members?

Aon Best Employers outperform on employee engagement, senior leadership and staff turnover (the latter by 33%*). So, Peoplecarers who care, leaders who lead effectively and experts who stay for your benefit – there just might be something in this for you.

Peoplecare is a fab place to work and it’s pleasing to see that there are other organisations out there making their employees and customers happy.






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