Mental health freebies: build mental resilience

Know that your mental health could be stronger but you’re not ready to take the big step to face-to-face help? Want to see if you could benefit from some of the types of techniques that professionals use?

We’re here for you with a nice little taster of research-backed tools that could open the window to a whole new you.

Boring disclaimers

  1. Your GP is a good first port of call for your mental health, You need a health professional for diagnosis and treatment of a mental health condition.
  2. A note about privacy. Not everyone will be comfortable recording on an app their deepest and darkest secrets. You may still get value out of a free mental health app without divulging too much private info. Any decision should suit your comfort level and if you’re pretty conservative, head to an Australian tool (see below) or book a face-to-face psychologist or psychiatrist consultation here in Australia for the safest privacy option.



Price: Free
Country: Australia
Privacy policy

Are you ready for a 30-day mental health challenge? This could be the app for you.

Build your resilience and wellbeing while working on reducing depression and anxiety with HeadGear from Black Dog Institute.

On the downside, this app appears to have more tech issues than the international competitors, leading to a number of negative online reviews. It might be worth using Black Dog Institute’s myCompass (see Online tools below) if you want to skip the bugs.



Price: Free
Country: US
Privacy policy

Woebot is the brainchild of a team of Stanford psychologists who wanted to make cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) accessible using technology. Woebot provides daily lessons and tools to help you gain control over your emotions.

As you’d expect from a tools hailing from a prestigious university, Woebot has proven results in reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.



Price: Free with in-app purchases
Country: India
Privacy policy

Wysa is the most popular mental health we found. More than one million Google Play downloads and 60,000+ reviews with a 4.7-star rating means that this AI tool is tried and tested.

The free AI helps you track your mood, guide you through mindfulness exercises, help your anxiety, reduce stress and boost your mood. Wysa AI uses CBT, dialectical behaviour therapy (used to treat borderline personality disorder), Yoga and meditation.

Wysa goes a step further than Woebot by giving you an option to pay a therapist for a session (which wouldn’t be claimable through a health fund, by the way).

Wysa also claims to have research to back its results in depression reduction and meets the UK’s National Health Service’s Clinical Safety Standards.



Not Alone

Price: Free
Country: Australia

Beyond Blue has your back with this feel-good podcast presented by the affable Marc Fennell. Each episode starts with a first-person story followed by mental health experts who provide useful commentary.
The first season covers:

  • rediscovering your purpose
  • overcoming trauma
  • isolation
  • supporting a loved one
  • work stress
  • silencing your inner critic

This podcast is useful listening for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health.


Online tools


Price: Free
Country: Australia
Privacy policy

A free online program with 14 modules from Black Dog Institute “for people with mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress” and anyone who wants to “build good mental health.”

This is another tool that ticks the boxes of research and CBT. Coming from a trusted Australian source is another plus for your privacy too.

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Need more online tools?

Check out the full range available along with youth tools and more from Black Dog Institute.

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