Our tips to survive working from home with kids

These tips are inspired by one of our fabulous Peoplecarers, Katie, who has three kids under six. Katie’s tips are adapted from the templates that local parents are sharing as they adapt to a harmonious homeschooling life. Thanks Katie!

During school hours, kids, treat me like your teacher

One positive for parents who’ve become teachers overnight is that they have the chance to bring any good behaviour from school to home.

We all know one child who is a challenge at home but acts like an angel at school, to our collective surprise.

Between the designated school hours, some of our staff have been asking their kids to treat them like their teachers, to great effect.

Build a new routine for the kids

Now that you’re the teacher too, you might as well set up a school timetable for the kids to follow. Katie has shared her new homeschool timetable here.

Another Peoplecarer, Erin, has a 6-year-old son, who insists on starting his days with a rollcall, just like at school!

The routine of a timetable makes children feel safe, Raising Children Network executive director Prof. Julie Green told the ABC.

Prep and pack lunches for the kids

Nothing is going to be more distracting for someone trying to work from home than a number of kids grazing in the kitchen all day. Katie has set a rule where her kids can only eat from their normal school lunchboxes during school hours and that they only eat outside in the garden.

Download Katie’s school timetable and school rules

Other options: Use that FREE childcare

Oh yes, that normally frightfully expensive childcare is now free thanks to the Coronavirus and the latest government initiative.

Now, we know that to stop the spread of Coronavirus, it’s better to keep your kiddies at home. But, if you’re a family of health workers or out of options in your new work from home arrangements, childcare might be just the ticket.

How does free childcare work?

Payments are being made directly from the government to childcare centres. This government payment means that kids in childcare or who have recently been taken out of childcare can return without any cost (subject to the limit of places at your childcare centre).

When does free childcare start?

Monday April 6 2020.

When does free childcare end?

We don’t know yet, but the government said it is a temporary measure.

For more information about the new scheme, The Guardian has the best account of it so far.

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