New no gap joint replacement program 

How much does the program cost? 

Our new no gap deal means that members who use the program only pay a hospital excess for treatment and any pre-surgery outpatient consultations with your surgeon and no more. That means no nasty medical bills that otherwise can run into the thousands. 

What is the program? 

East Sydney Private Hospital is a modern facility in Woolloomooloo that operates the short stay no gap joint replacement program. The program is designed so that most patients leave the hospital within a day or two of their surgery and do the bulk of their post-op rehab at home with support from the hospital.  

What does the program cover?

Eligible Peoplecare members can get knee or hip joint replacement surgery which includes no gap:

  • Pre-habilitation – the help of a physio and clinical nurse specialist to prepare for surgery
  • Hospital accommodation and theatre costs
  • Surgeon surgical fee
  • Anaesthetist surgical fee
  • Surgical assistant surgical fee
  • The knee or hip prosthesis
  • Inpatient diagnostic tests
  • At-home rehab or in-clinic rehab with a physio

Costs not covered by the program

  • Your hospital excess
  • Outpatient consultations with your surgeon which are only claimable through Medicare and could result in out-of-pocket costs

How much could you save? 

We all know that hip and knee surgeries are expensive. The problem arrives when you need to dip into your own pocket for that cost. No one likes that. Unfortunately paying out-of-pocket costs are all too common according to the latest government figures. 

The median patient out-of-pocket cost for private, not including hospital excess: 

  • single hip replacement =$560
  • double hip replacement =$3,800
  • knee replacement = $560

And remember that half of all patients with an out-of-pocket cost pay more than that. Read about our common surgery costs in more detail. 

Peoplecare members who use this program only pay their excess and won’t pay an out-of-pocket cost. 

Can anyone use the no gap joint replacement program? 

Peoplecare members will need: 

  • To meet clinical criteria as assessed by the doctors from East Sydney Private Hospital; and 
  • To have a hospital cover with joint replacements (such as Silver Plus Hospital or Gold Hospital) for 12 continuous months before the program starts. 

How to join the program 

You’ll need a referral from your GP to an orthopaedic surgeon (either an open referral or a normal referral) to one of East Sydney Private Hospital’s list of surgeons 

Contact the team at East Sydney Private Hospital on 1800 167 846, via email or use the handy web form. 

Read more about the program. 

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