Elective surgery is back baby

NSW, VIC & SA have lifted some elective surgery restrictions. We’ve got the latest news and show you how to prepare for elective surgery. 

Top tip: Your specialist doctor will be best placed to let you know when and if your upcoming elective surgery is going ahead. 

New South Wales 

Since the 7th of February, public and private hospitals have been allowed up to 75% of their pre-pandemic capacity.  

Emergency surgery and urgent elective surgery were not affected by the restrictions.  

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Code Brown was also lifted on 14th February.  

  • Private hospitals are allowed upwards of 50% of their capacity (Melbourne), with regional areas allowed 75%. 
  • Public hospitals in regional Victoria can resume all elective surgery. 
  • Public hospitals in Melbourne are still restricted to emergency and elective surgery. 

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South Australia 

Helpfully, South Australia has a helpful and simple timetable. All elective surgery will be up and running by 28th February with many more services already available. 

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Batten down the hatches 

It’s not all good news right around the country. Here we go through some of the new elective surgery restrictions. 

Western Australia 

WA Health announced that from 28th February until 28th April 2022, all public hospitals, and public-private partnership hospitals won’t take new elective surgery bookings for multi-day non-urgent Category 2 and Category 3 elective surgeries. Existing bookings are expected to go ahead as well as Category 1 surgeries. 

At the time of writing, there are no elective surgery postponements in private hospitals. 

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Northern Territory  

The details are scant but Chief Minister Michael Gunner said on February 4th 2022 that the Northern Territory is pausing elective surgeries. Your specialist will be best placed to tell you if this affects any upcoming surgery you may have (because there’s not much info online – we’ve checked!). 

How to prepare for elective surgery 

Going to hospital can be a stressful time. We’re here to help!   

We really do care about people (the hint is in our name) and we want you to know we’ve got your back when you need us. We’ve put together a guide for your hospital stay – from what to ask your doctor to how we pay the bills so that you’re fully informed.  

Grab a cuppa and read on.  

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