2022 non-urgent elective surgery postponed in some states

What does this mean?    

2022 has seen an increase in COVID cases which is impacting our public and private hospital systems.   

As COVID cases continue at high levels, some state governments have made the decision to postpone non-urgent elective surgeries to create capacity for COVID cases.   

This is a temporary measure. Case numbers across each state will be reviewed regularly and any non-urgent surgeries that are postponed will be rescheduled as soon as possible.  

Importantly, many elective surgeries are still going ahead, it’s some of the less urgent elective surgeries that are being postponed.  

Which states have postponed non-urgent elective surgery?   

NSW, QLD & some areas in VIC.   

How does this impact me?   

If you have Private Hospital cover and are booked in for an elective surgery in NSW, QLD or VIC, this may impact you if your surgery is classified as non-urgent. This includes category three and some category two surgery.   

What do I need to do?  

You don’t need to do anything.   

If your surgery is postponed, your doctor or hospital will contact you to reschedule your procedures or appointments.   

You can also call us to discuss your options on 1800 808 690.   

Can I still use my health cover?   

Absolutely. Many elective surgeries are still going ahead, and most extras providers are business as usual. In fact, having private cover is now more important than ever because postponing non-urgent surgeries will inevitably drive even longer waiting times in the public system.

We’re here to help  

Since 2020, COVID has disrupted many industries including the health system. As a proud not-for-profit health fund, we’ve been able to give our members approximately $8.4 million back, as part of our member give-back initiative. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and keep members informed with the latest info on our website. 

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Member give-back

As a not-for-profit and member-owned health fund, we’re committed to giving back claims savings we made due to COVID-19 restrictions. Members will receive their refunds in the same bank account that we pay their claim benefits to. Members don’t need to do anything to receive their refunds.

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