Have you heard about the Child Dental Benefit Schedule?

What’s the CDBS?

It’s a federally funded dental scheme that started on 1 January 2014 to replace the Medicare Teen Voucher Scheme.

Does Peoplecare Optical and Dental offer this service?

Yes. All our dentists are eligible providers and are great at making your kids feel at ease.

Who’s eligible for the CDBS?

Eligibility is assessed by the Department of Human Services. Someone might be eligible for up to $1,013 every 2 years for each child if they:

  • are between 2 and 17 years old
  • receive a relevant Government payment at any point in the calendar year

To check eligibility, you can call Medicare on 132 011 or head to the Department of Human Services.

Please keep in mind that eligibility needs to be checked before we can give treatment under the CDBS.

What’s the benefit?

A benefit of up to $1,013 over 2 years is available to eligible patients. The 2 years starts on the date that the first service is claimed and ends on 31 December the following calendar year.

The whole $1,013 can be used in the first year if it’s needed. If any of the benefit is left over after the first year, another assessment will need to be done in the second year to make sure they’re still eligible.

How is it billed?

The CDBS is bulk billed.

You’ll need to fill in a consent form at the first visit, which will cover all services of the treatment plan during that calendar year. We’ll need a new consent form for each year that the child is eligible for the scheme.

What services does the CDBS cover?

  • Diagnostic & preventative services (exam, X-rays, clean, fluoride, etc.)
  • Restorative services (fillings)
  • Endodontics (pulp & root canal extractions)
  • Oral surgery (extractions, surgical extractions)


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