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Manage your health

This is where we connect you to the programs and benefits on Peoplecare Hospital & Extras cover including hospital substitution programs, support for health conditions, health info and a tool to help you identify where your health could use improvement.

Ask our experts

This is where you enrol for our programs or ask our health experts for help regarding anything from your upcoming hospital admission to how to access community and government health support services.

We're loveable! No, really.

#1 Health Fund Call Centre in Australia

When you call us, we answer in person and deliver the fantastic customer service you love. 

Ipsos survey 2017

96% member satisfaction

Since day dot (many moons ago), we’ve been not-for-profit and
member-owned. It guides how we treat you. As an owner, you’re the
boss and we’re here for you.

Discovery Research: 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey

2-day claims processing

At Peoplecare, we pay over 80% of claims in 48 hours. 

Based on 2018 Peoplecare data, 83% of claims paid within 48 hours.

Switching to us is easy

Switching is simpler than you think! It takes around five minutes and you can switch online or over the phone.

Don’t worry, if you’re transferring from another health fund we’ll make sure we recognise any waiting periods you’ve already served if you switch within 30 days!

Latest news

Under 40s turn to not-for-profits

Health funds are in decline right? Not if you look at the under 40s moving into not-for-profit health funds. Bucking the trend, under 40s are choosing not-for-profit health funds. Natasha Robinson from The Australian [1] supplies the statistics that there has been a decline of 3% of under forties taking out private health insurance from 2017 to 2019, but those taking out not for profit memberships has increased by 2.21%.

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We're stoked to be a Members Own Health Fund

Whenever you see the Members Own symbol next to a health fund logo, you're looking at an insurer that exists to deliver the best possible service and benefits to you — the member.

Reduce your out-of-pocket

Want to save on out-of-pocket expenses on your planned surgery?

We've provided our members a new search tool to make it easier to find doctors with a track record of providing Access Gap services.