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*IPSOS 2021 survey results for open private health insurance funds.

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Going to hospital? Want to be back in your own home recovering as soon as possible? Say goodbye to embarrassing hospital gown mishaps and hello to watching trashy TV in your favourite PJs with our Hospital at Home program!

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Mental health is now getting the attention it deserves. That’s great news for you if you suffer from a mental health condition, but the question remains, how do you get practical help?

Do you have symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks or depression? There are things you can do to help manage your condition. Sound good? Read to see how we can help.

We're loveable! No, really.

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We're not-for-profit

We’re for members like you, not shareholders.

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Our members are happy

A staggering 96% of our members are satisfied. We’ve got the health cover and service to make you smile.

Discovery Research: 2022 Member Satisfaction Survey

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We’re for your well-being

We’re on a mission to connect you to the latest health and well-being programs at no extra cost to you.

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Switch with ease

Get your stopwatch ready and enjoy the quick and easy switch to Peoplecare.

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Get the Peoplecare app

Our app makes it easy to take control of your health cover. Check your cover details, view your extras limits, claim, make a payment and a whole lot more.

Latest news

We're stoked to be a part of the Members Health Fund Alliance

Peoplecare is a proud part of Members Health Fund Alliance, the peak industry body for not-for-profit health funds that all share a common value of putting our members’ health before profit.

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Reduce your out-of-pocket

Want to save on out-of-pocket expenses on your planned surgery?

We've provided our members a new search tool to make it easier to find doctors with a track record of providing Access Gap services.