Ambulance cover top five questions

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We're proud of our ambulance cover (included on all of our hospital, extras or combo covers). 

So when the Commonwealth Ombudsman recently advised consumers to ask themselves five questions about ambulance cover, we thought we'd answer them for you.


1. Will the policy cover me when I'm travelling interstate? 

A. Yes


2. Does the policy cover emergency situations only, or will it cover non-emergency as well? How does the fund define an emergency?

A. Peoplecare covers emergency ambulance costs and any non-emergency ambulance travel that is deemed 'medically necessary'.


3. What types of ambulance transport will this cover-for example, will it cover air ambulance? Will it cover transport provided by state-approved private providers or other private providers

A. We cover land, air and sea ambulance transport from public and state-approved private providers.


4. Will the policy cover me for the ambulance 'call-out' fee if I need ambulance treatment but don't require transportation?

A. Yes.


5. Will I need to make any co-payments towards the ambulance fee?

A. No, members won't need to make any payment towards covered ambulance trips.


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