What is Peoplecare all about?

People often ask us what’s important at Peoplecare. Here’s the run down on our values and what makes us tick.

What is Peoplecare?

Peoplecare is a member-owned not-for-profit health fund that exists purely to benefit its members.

Being not-for-profit is important for many of our members. For me, it makes things simple and focuses the mind. Run the health fund well and get out the most juice for our members.

We have another name for our values

Here are our values folks, without further delay. We call them Our 5 True Loves. Read through them and you will get a pretty clear sense that our whole operation is geared around helping people. And when you put time, energy and talent into something, you generally get pretty good at it!

Our 5 True Loves

1. Love taking it personally
  • We’re all about the personal touch
  • It’s about people
  • Our staff are our heroes
  • We give members an exceptional service experience
  • We deliver the ‘WOW! Factor’
2. Love making it easy
  • We understand that health insurance is complicated
  • We’re the experts & our job is to make things crystal clear for members
3. Love 100% engagement
  • We give it our best shot every single time
  • We go out of our way to find other ways to help members
4. Love finding healthy solutions
  • We’re determined and results-oriented
  • We help members identify their options
  • We have a ‘can do’ approach
  • Always looking for solutions & ways to make things even better
5. Love being on your side
  • We’re on our members’ side
  • Peoplecare exists for our members
  • Everything we do is in the members’ best interests