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Have Peoplecare Extras cover? We might be able to help with the cost of certain sleep apnoea treatments such as CPAP machines.

What is sleep apnoea?

This is when the airway in the throat closes during sleep, causing sufferers to wake up in order to breathe, up to hundreds of times a night, and therefore experience very disrupted sleep.

What is a CPAP machine?

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. These machines maintain air pressure through a mask connected to a pump that is designed to keep the throat airway open.

There are other treatments available, such as custom mouthguards that hold the jaw forward during sleep for mild to moderate sleep apnoea and surgery for when other therapies fail.

What could you claim?

  • CPAP machine hire.
  • New CPAP machine purchase.
  • CPAP machine repairs.
  • CPAP batteries when you purchase a new machine (not replacement batteries).
  • Oxygen concentrator and/or humidifier when you purchase a new CPAP machine.
  • CPAP masks.

Before you purchase or hire

  • We don’t pay any benefits for second-hand items.
  • A 2-month waiting period applies.
  • Limit resets every three financial years.
  • Purchase must come from a company with an Australian Business Number (an ABN).

The benefits

This benefit is paid from the ‘Health Aids & Wellness’ limit.

Peoplecare cover Benefit Limit
Premium Extras 80% $700 (per person)
max $1,400 (per family)
High Extras 70% $500 (per person)
max $1,000 (per family)
Mid Extras N/A N/A
Simple Extras N/A N/A

How to claim CPAP machines and parts

1. Get a receipt with the following details
  • Patient name
  • Item details
  • Date the item was purchased or first date of hire
  • Price
  • Supplier name and ABN
2. Submit your receipt to claim

There are a number of ways to submit your receipt. Our page on extras claiming shows you how (see ‘How to make an extras claim’ 2 to 5 here).