OSHC Extras

Overseas Student Health Cover Extras is an affordable Extras cover designed for international students studying in Australia.

This cover is not required by the Australian Government but OSHC Extras provides additional cover for the common services that young single people need occasionally, such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic services and osteopathic services.

Extras insurance is popular in Australia because the government does not offer these services to all Australians for free.

For detailed information about OSHC Extras:

Questions? Call 1300 733 676 or email info@peoplecare.com.au

Waiting periods

Service Waiting period
  • Joining the fund
  • Dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic & exercise physiology
2 months
  • Optical
6 months



How much does it cost?

  • Single, 6-monthly: $228.60
  • Single, annually: $457.20

As of 1 April 2024.

OSHC Extras is only available as a single policy (no couples or family). The minimum policy period is 6 months. The minimum age to join OSHC Extras is 18. People under the age of 18 can join one of our other products as part of a family cover. Please contact us to discuss your options.

If you're already an OSHC Extras  member, you can use our Online Member Services to view or change your membership details.


The benefits

Service Benefit Annual limit


  • Basic restoration 
  • Diagnostic services 
  • Extractions 
  • Oral surgery 

Set benefits per service.  

Please contact us before receiving treatment. 



  • Glasses & contact lenses 
75% of the cost  $150

Physiotherapy and other therapies

  • Physiotherapy 
  • Chiropractic 
  • Osteopathic
  • Exercise Physiology 
Initial consult: $35* Consult 1 - 10: $25 Consult 11+: $15  $350

* 1 initial consult per year per service except physiotherapy which has 2 initial consultations per year.


How to check your limits 

You can check your extras limits on the Peoplecare app under the ‘Benefit limits’ section. You can also call us on 1300 733 676. 


How to use your cover: visit & claim 


  • a dentist 
  • an optical store for your prescription eye needs 
  • a physiotherapist 
  • a chiropractor 
  • an osteopath 


  • Claim option 1. Use your Peoplecare card – claim instantly

Use your Peoplecare card when you pay. Your Peoplecare OSHC Extras benefits will automatically reduce your total bill (for all eligible claims where you still have annual limits available) 

  • Claim option 2. Claim with the Peoplecare mobile app 

Take a photo of your receipt, open the Peoplecare app and send the photo. 

For more information, see How to make an extras claim.

  • Claim option 3. Claim with Peoplecare Online Member Services 

    Upload a photo of your receipt to Online Member Services and you’re done. Log in here to start claiming. 



What is the difference between OSHC Extras and OSHC visa cover? 

Service OSHC Extras OSHC for temporary student visas*
Physiotherapy and other therapies
Private and public hospital admissions
Doctors and specialists (outside of hospital)
Medicare tests (X-rays and blood tests)
Prescription medicine

OSHC Extras is provided by Peoplecare. Overseas Student Health Cover for temporary student visas is not provided by Peoplecare. For more details on OSHC visa cover, visit privatehealth.gov.au. 

* Source: Allianz Care Australia.