How optical cover works

Extras cover can pay benefits towards optical services including glasses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery (depending on your level of cover), and usually has annual limits and waiting periods. Let’s start with waiting periods.

Waiting periods

All health funds have waiting periods. In short, a waiting period is how long you need to wait after taking out your cover before you can receive benefits for services or items covered. You aren’t able to claim on treatments you receive during this waiting period. Your cover description has a full list of all the waiting periods.

If you’ve switched to us within 30 days of leaving another fund, we’ll recognise any waiting periods you served with them once we’ve got your transfer certificate (as long as you were on a similar or higher level of cover).

Call us on 1800 808 690 (Peoplecare members) or 1800 808 700 (non-members) for details.

Following is an outline of our waiting periods.


Waiting period Hospital cover
No waiting period Hospitalisation related to an accident
No waiting period Services covered by your old fund (if you transfer straight to a similar level of cover with us and have already served your waiting periods)
1 day Ambulance
2 months Health programs
2 months Hospital substitution programs
2 months Rehabilitation, psychiatric services and palliative care
(even for pre-existing conditions)
2 months All other services, except for those listed below
2 months Assisted reproductive services
12 months Pregnancy and birth
12 months Pre-existing conditions (except rehab, psych and palliative)

Please note that not all items are listed and other waiting periods may apply. Please contact the fund for more information.


Waiting period Extras cover
No waiting period Services covered by your old fund (if you transfer within 30 days to a similar level of cover with us)
1 day Ambulance
2 months General dental, pharmacy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatry & complementary therapies
2 months Pre/post-natal services (including midwifery)
2 months All other services, except for those listed below
6 months Optical
6 months Health management programs
12 months Major dental
24 months Laser eye surgery & hearing aids

If you're upgrading your extras cover, waiting periods still apply for the services that you weren't previously covered for.

Transferring from another fund? Switching is easy

We can’t speak for other health funds but switching to Peoplecare is simpler than you think. It takes around five minutes and you can switch online or over the phone.

Don’t worry, if you’re transferring from another health fund we’ll make sure we recognise any waiting periods you’ve already served if you switch within 30 days. Plus, if you’ve only served part of a waiting period, say, 2 months of a 6-month waiting period, you’ll only need to serve the remaining 4 months when you transfer to Peoplecare.

If you’re upgrading your cover, waiting periods still apply for the services that you weren’t previously covered for.

Example: You have Mid Extras cover (which only has glasses and contact lenses coverage) for 12 months and you upgrade to High Extras, you’ll still need to wait another 24 months before getting laser eye surgery that you can claim on your cover.

Optical category Waiting period
Glasses & contact lenses 6 months
Laser eye surgery 24 months

What does glasses & contact lenses include?

Peoplecare extras allows you to claim for a huge range of optical purchases including:

Glasses Contact lenses
  • prescription frames for glasses & sunglasses
  • lenses for glasses & sunglasses:
    • single vision stock and worked lenses
    • bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses
  • lens extras
    • High Index
    • Aspheric Design
    • Photochromic
    • Hard Coating
    • Multi/Anti reflective coating
    • UV Coating
    • Glass Hardening
    • Lens/Prism 
  • glasses repairs
  • contact lenses:
    • rigid spherical & toric contacts
    • soft spherical & toric contacts
    • frequent replacement disposable contacts
    • bifocal contacts
    • Orthokeratology contacts (for myopia and astigmatism)
  • lens solution

Why choose extras cover for your optical needs?

  • Access extra discounts

Get exclusive offers only available to health fund members. No one likes missing out on a deal!

  • Receive a rebate

Members may be eligible for a rebate (depending on your income) from the government to reduce the cost of Extras and Hospital cover premiums. It’s called the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance. View the income thresholds here.

  • Claim lens extras

Don’t miss out on the latest lens technology and helpful features to keep your eyes comfortable and seeing clearly.

Optical benefits: Peoplecare extras covers

  Glasses & contact lenses Laser eye surgery
  Benefit Annual limit Benefit Limit
(resets every 2 years)
Premium Extras 100% $300 per person
80% $600 per eye
High Extras 100% $250 per person 70% $500 per eye
Mid Extras 100% $200 per person No No
Simple Extras 100% $150 per person No No

Optical benefits: Closed Peoplecare extras covers

These covers are no longer available for sale. Existing members can remain on these covers and use their benefits as normal.

  Glasses & contact lenses Laser eye surgery
  Benefit Annual limit Benefit Limit
(resets every 2 years)
Comprehensive Extras 100% $300 per person
100% $500 per eye
Value Extras 100% $180 per person No No
Standard Extras 100% $150 per person No No

How does Peoplecare’s annual limit work?

Extras annual limits reset 1 July every year at Peoplecare. Many other health funds reset their annual limits 1 January every year.

Can I get No Gap or Low Gap glasses and sunglasses?

Yes, Peoplecare has a number of offers that reduces the price of your next pair of prescription glasses that are displayed below.

At the time of writing, here are our offers for Peoplecare extras members:

Company Special Offer
Click the link for full details

Peoplecare Optical and Dental

(one location in Wollongong NSW)

  • 25% discount on entire range of glasses, contact lenses & sunglasses for Peoplecare members (whether you have extras cover or not!) 

Q Optical Network

  • Choose from two no gap prescription spec offers, a free second pair of specs and 15% off contact lenses.


(various locations across Australia)

  • 25% discount for 1 pair of complete glasses (frames and lenses) from the $149 range and above purchased at retail stores*
  • No discount on two pair deals or complete glasses with less than $149 value.
  • 20% discount on all extras (includes Suntint and UV Filter, Polaroid lenses, Transitions lenses, Driving tints, Drivewear lenses, Thin and Light lenses)
  • Free contact lens assessment, fitting and trial (no discounts apply to contact lens purchases)
  • Eye tests bulk billed to Medicare plus free Digital Retinal Photography

Laubman & Pank

(various locations across Australia)

  • 10% off contact lenses purchased in store
  • 20% off lenses
  • 20% off lens extras (such as anti-reflective UV coating and tinting)
  • 15% off non-prescription sunglasses

Head to the Peoplecare member perks page for the latest offers.

How do No Gap glasses deals work?

Usually optical stores provide a limited range of lower cost frames to choose from with their No Gap range. The lenses you can select depend on the store and their current offers. For instance, more expensive lenses such as bifocals often aren’t included in No Gap deals.

Can I swipe my Peoplecare card to claim optical?

Yes No

Glasses & contact lenses

Laser eye surgery

How do I claim laser eye surgery?

The easiest way to claim for laser eye surgery is to take a photo of your receipt with our mobile app.

There are some important details that your receipt needs to include, so make sure you read our claiming guide before you get your surgery.

How can I claim for optical?

Use your Peoplecare membership card or take a photo of your receipt with our mobile app.

Did you know about the Peoplecare combined Hospital and Extras cover discount?

Get a 10% discount off any Peoplecare Extras cover when combined with any Peoplecare Hospital cover.

Are you near Peoplecare Optical and Dental in Wollongong?

Peoplecare Optical and Dental is our one stop optical and dental store located in the heart of Wollongong. As a Peoplecare member with Extras cover you'll get:

  • 25% OFF our entire range of glasses, contacts and sunglasses, and a range of no gap eyewear to choose from. For more information and T&Cs click here