What to expect

Steps to becoming a Peoplecarer


Apply via our website.

We’ll look at your application and if we feel like you would be a great fit, we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete. 

We’ll look at your application and questionnaire answers and see if they fit the job. If we like what we see, we’ll call and arrange an interview. We will call you to complete a short phone interview before asking you to come in for a formal interview.

Whether you get an interview or not, we’ll let you know what’s happening. You took the time to apply, so it’s only fair that we let you know how your application went. And if you don’t get an interview, don’t worry! We keep everyone’s details on-hand in case another position pops up (but don’t let that stop you applying again if you find the perfect role).

All our interviews are conducted in person with the manager the position reports to plus one of our HR Peoplecarers.  On some occasions, interviews can be conducted online via Microsoft teams. 

If you’re picked after the interviews, you’ll visit our external consultant and take an aptitude test. Here we’ll be looking at your non-verbal intelligence (IQ), general clerical skills and maths skills.

Before we make our decision, we like to get to know you a little better by calling some of your referees.

If your references are spot on, we’ll ask you to complete a Police Check via Fit2Work prior to commencing with Peoplecare.

We think you've got what we're looking for and want to offer you the job! We’ll call you to give you the good news and email you through our official Letter of Offer.

Once you accept the job, you’ll receive a link to join our Personal Best system where you can get excited about joining our team and start completing the below:

  • personal and bank account details
  • Fair Work information statement
  • nominate your Super fund
  • tax declaration form
  • code of conduct statement
  • learn more about us and our rewards and benefits
  • get an insight into how we work through our e-learning modules

Welcome to Peoplecare, your induction and training will start as soon as possible.

Tips & tricks

We want you to be our newest Peoplecarer, so here are some tips & tricks to give you the best shot.


Your resume

  • Less is more – keep it short (no more than 3 pages), easy to read and to the point
  • Tell us where you’ve been – we like to see what you’ve been up to for the last several years, with your latest job at the top. Make sure you mention how long you’ve been at each job, and if you’ve had any breaks it helps to tell us why (holiday of a lifetime, looking after kids, etc.)
  • Let your referees know that we might call
  • Triple check your spelling and grammar
  • Keep it consistent and easy to follow
  • Put your best foot forward – tell us all of your qualifications
  • Keep it simple – try not to use jargon or abbreviations
  • Once you’ve perfected your résumé, follow the links on our website to get your application underway. You’ll be taken to a website called ELMO talent, this is where you upload your resume & cover letter.

Your cover letter

  • Tell us why you want to become a Peoplecarer
  • Why does the job sound right for you?
  • Let us know when you’re available

Before the interview

The next stage of the recruitment process is completing questionnaires through Harrison Assessments. These questions are designed to give us an insight into you and how you work through the Job Success Analysis.

The interview

  • Be prepared. Read over the description of the job you’ve applied for, take some time to learn more about Peoplecare.
  • Think about your past jobs. What about them could be good examples in this interview?
  • Ask us questions. If you need a question repeated or some time to answer, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • We want you to be our next Peoplecarer, so try to relax and be yourself.


Potential Peoplecarer FAQS


You sure can. We’re a growing business, so there are a few ways you can develop yourself & your career with us. We’ve got a Great Managers program, ongoing training, a tertiary assistance scheme and more.

Not always but it depends on the role - you can check out the job ad or position description to confirm any requirements. Some of our roles at Peoplecare Optical and Dental require a Working With Children check, first aid certificate and to be up-to-date with your immunisations.

Yes, there is. We will provide branded shirts and jackets, you just bring the bottom half (in charcoal or black).