How to read your PHIS

What is a PHIS?

The Private Health Information Statement (PHIS) is a summary of the key features of your cover in the government’s standard format.

The PHIS is designed to help you understand what’s on your cover and compare your cover to others available using

History of the PHIS

The PHIS replaced the old Standard Information Statement in 2019 as the standardised government explanation of your health cover.

What information is on the PHIS?

  • The inclusions, restrictions and exclusions on your hospital cover
  • Your excess if you need to go to hospital
  • Waiting periods for the cover (but not if you’ve served them or not)
  • Extras inclusions and exclusions, benefits and some nice examples of benefits
  • Whether your cover exempts you from the Medicare Levy Surcharge

What information isn’t on the PHIS?

The following information isn’t on the blue PHIS but is on Your Cover Summary that we send to Peoplecare members every year.

Is there an easier way to compare Peoplecare covers?

Yes, we have a 2-minute health cover guide that matches your needs and budget to a Peoplecare hospital cover and an extras cover. Peoplecare allows you to mix and match our covers. That means you can take out any of hospital covers or extras covers on their own or choose two to combine. When you combine them into a combo cover, you save 10% on the cost of your extras cover.