Member perks

We're all about making our members feel special so here are some great offers just for being part of the Peoplecare family.

Love spreading the word

Refer a mate or family member to Peoplecare and score yourself and them a lovely gift card. 

Peoplecare Eyes & Teeth

Discounts for all Peoplecare members at Peoplecare Eyes & Teeth – Wollongong’s one-stop no gap dental and optical store.

Peoplecare Eyes Online

Deals for Peoplecare members on Peoplecare Eyes Online

Peoplecare has teamed up with the network of quality dentists to help take the bite out of those trips to the dentist.


Eyebenefit provides quality optical services and competitive discounts to members of Peoplecare.


Peoplecare members with extras cover can get exclusive deals with Specsavers.

Laubman & Pank

Peoplecare members can get discounts on the biggest brands from Luxottica at Laubman & Pank.

Travel insurance

Bag a healthy 10% discount on your travel insurance. Follow the link here to get your promo code.

Community First Credit Union

Why not check out friends at Community First Credit Union? They have a full range of competitive products with that member-owned banking flavour you love.

These offers are exclusive to Peoplecare members. Offers are reviewed regularly and are subject to change without notice. Please click through to each offer for specific terms and conditions.