Health insurance a to z

Waiting periods & pre-existing conditions (PEC)

Waiting periods for Hospital and Extras covers and pre-existing conditions rule for Hospital covers are explained here.

Why have private hospital insurance?

It’s a fair question – the public system is free, so why not just use that? It’s completely up to you, but we can think of a few reasons.

Public vs private

What’s the deal with private hospital cover? Should you ever go public? Let’s break down the two options and what they really mean.

Who pays?

The health system can be confusing so it’s hard to be sure who pays for what. Let’s try to clear up those murky money waters.

Clinical categories and Extras services

Have you ever wondered the difference between Hospital and Extras

The government’s clinical categories for private hospital insurance are all here, along with our own Extras services categories to help you see what you can be covered for on our Hospital and Extras products.