Health insurance A to Z

Waiting periods & pre-existing conditions (PEC) orange light bulb icon

Waiting periods for Hospital and Extras covers and pre-existing conditions rule for Hospital covers are explained here.

Why have private hospital insurance? orange cup of tea icon

Here are our top advantages of having private health insurance.

Time to get your own cover? orange coloured apple icon

Public hospitals are free, so why would you pay to go to a private hospital? For one thing, waiting. A lot of people use the public system, so you can be waiting months (or longer) to get the treatment you need, especially if it’s not urgent.

Who pays? orange dollar sign in circle icon

The health system can be confusing so it’s hard to be sure who pays for what. We make it clear in one table.

Public vs private orange hospital icon

Should you ever use your private hospital cover in a public hospital? We explain all you need to know.

How to read your PHIS orange open book icon

The Private Health Information Statement (PHIS) is a summary of the key features of your cover in the government’s standard format.

Ultimate tax guide orange blocks icon

If you have hospital cover with us, we send your tax statements to the ATO for the financial year by the third week of July. We have a tax guide with all you need to know.

Glossary A to Z orange clipboard icon

Our glossary gives you all the key private health insurance terms in plain English.

Clinical categories and Extras services

Have you ever wondered the difference between Hospital and Extras

The government’s clinical categories for private hospital insurance are all here, along with our own Extras services categories to help you see what you can be covered for on our Hospital and Extras products.

Clinical categories purple hospital icon

Learn about all 38 hospital clinical categories as well as the trio of inclusions, restrictions & exclusions.

Extras services purple star icon

What does extras cover include? Check out our list of extras services to learn more about each treatment. Extras are outside of hospital treatments that help you stay healthy.