Time to get your own cover?

What's the point?

Public hospitals are free, so why would you pay to go to a private hospital? For one thing, waiting. A lot of people use the public system, so you can be waiting months (or longer) to get the treatment you need, especially if it’s not urgent.

With private cover, you can choose your doctor and get your treatment as soon as you need it. Not only that, but you could get a room all to yourself (that depends on the hospital, not us!).

More reasons we think it’s worth it

How does it work?

There are two parts to private health cover – hospital and extras cover.

  • Hospital cover
    Cover for things like accommodation, theatre and doctors’ fees in hospital.

    Hospital cover is what many people need to avoid two government charges: Lifetime Health Cover loading (LHC) and Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS).

    There’s also a juicy government incentive: take out our Basic Hospital Plus or Bronze Hospital cover before you turn 30 to lock in the age-based discount. The discount ranges from 2% to 10%, depending on your age.

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  • Extras cover
    Cover for everyday things like glasses or the dentist.

Our covers:


We’ve got 5 levels of hospital cover, and they’re as simple as they sound.

  1. Basic Plus Hospital (with a $500 or $750 excess)
    Basic Plus Hospital is our affordable hospital cover that packs a punch with 6 useful hospital services including dental surgery.
    Plus, you can get the age-based discount on this cover!
  2. Bronze Hospital (with a $500 or $750 excess)
    Value essentials with 18 inclusions. (Please note that dental surgery is excluded on this cover.)
    Plus, you can get the aged-based discount on this cover!
  3. Silver Hospital (with a $500 or $750 excess)
    Essentials with 26 inclusions such as dental surgery, heart, lung, back, neck, spine etc.
  4. Silver Plus Hospital (with a $500 or $750 excess)
    Massive 34 inclusions such as joint replacements, kidney dialysis, cataracts, insulin pumps & pain mgmt.
  5. Gold Hospital (with your choice of a $500 or $750 excess)
    Full cover for all 38 private hospital clinical categories.


We’ve got 4 levels of extras cover:

  1. Simple Extras
    Essentials package to get you hooked on extras.
  2. Mid Extras
    A big step up with major dental & remedial massage added. Higher benefits too.
  3. High Extras
    Beefed up benefits with major inclusions like orthodontics, laser eye surgery, hearing aids, health aids & wellness.
  4. Premium Extras
    All our extras inclusions with the highest benefit rates and generous annual limits.


You can mix & match all of our hospital and extras covers to find your perfect fit. Plus, you’ll get 10% off your extras. Fabulous!

Ambulance cover

“At least get ambulance cover!”

– every parent ever

Lucky for you (and them), full ambulance cover is included with all of our levels of cover. Or you can take ambulance cover on it's own.

Make it cheaper

Get the Government Rebate

Depending on your income, the Government offers a rebate to help with the cost of private health cover. Tell me more

Get an excess

The higher your excess, the less you pay in premiums. Simple as that. Tell me more

Boring but important stuff

Waiting periods

Good news! If you take out your own cover within 30 days of coming off your parents’ cover, you’ll be able to claim straight away for the things you were already covered for with them (as long as they’ve served their waits, of course). The only thing you can’t do is claim for services you have in the days between coming off your parents’ cover and taking out your own (if you didn’t get cover straight away).

If you one-up your parents and take out a higher level of cover, you’ll have some waiting periods. Tell me more

Cooling off period

Changed your mind about your cover? No worries! Just let us know within 30 days of joining or upgrading your cover and you'll get a full refund of any premiums paid (as long as you haven't made any claims in that time, of course).

Other stuff

There are a few other things you should know about before you take out cover. They are:

Before you make up your mind

This is just a quick overview of our covers and what private health cover is all about. Before you choose your cover, you should really check out our full brochure and check out our help me choose tool to find the right cover for you.

Otherwise, give us a buzz on 1800 808 704 and we’ll talk you through it.

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