Who pays?

The health system can be confusing so it’s hard to be sure who pays for what. Let’s try to clear up those murky money waters.

Between Medicare, private health insurance and out-of-pockets, figuring out who pays what can be tricky. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with this handy guide. Please remember that this is only an overview - check out Benefits depend on your level of cover and any restrictions, exclusions or waiting periods you have.

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  Medicare Peoplecare You
Hospital Extras
Find out more about ambulance cover
No Yes Yes No
Outside hospital (out-patient)
Things like GP & specialist fees, radiology & pathology
Yes No No Yes
In hospital (in-patient)
Things like doctors' fees (including specialist, radiology & pathology), accommodation & theatre fees while you're in hospital
Yes Yes No Yes
Public hospital charges
If you're admitted as a public patient
Yes No No No
Public hospital charges
If you're admitted as a private patient
Yes Yes No Yes
Private hospital charges
Like accommodation fees, theatre fees & prostheses
No Yes No Yes
Other services
Things like dental, optical & physio
No No Yes Yes

You can check what you’re covered for and your waiting periods using our Online Member Services, or by giving us a buzz on 1800 808 690.