Health programs

Health Management orange sneaker icon

Have Peoplecare Extras cover? We might be able to help with the cost of certain health programs, equipment & screening services.

Diabetes management orange coloured apple icon

Peoplecare’s diabetes management program helps you live well and in better health. Plus, there are some things you might be able to claim on your Extras cover too. 

Cancer support orange two love heart icon

Many people with cancer lack the supporting health services they need to get on top of their symptoms. We’re here to change that.

Heart health orange heart with pulse icon

Do you have problems with your heart? Peoplecare’s program can help you get back in shape. 

Joint health orange swimmer icon

Suffering from osteoarthritis? Thankfully you can improve your quality of life by getting your osteoarthritis under control with our help. 

Mental health orange light bulb icon

We get behind your mental health with programs to help manage the symptoms of anxiety or depression as well as extras benefits for psychology.

Weight loss orange smartwatch icon

You’re not alone if you’re struggling with your weight. Peoplecare includes a weight loss program on your hospital cover if you have an underlying health condition.

Nourish Baby

Nourish Baby supports parents through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Ask our experts

We’re here to help. Our Health experts can provide assistance with:

  • Enquiries about our health programs
  • Questions about your upcoming hospital admission
  • How to access community and government health support services