Need help navigating the healthcare system?

We have a team for that! Our member advocates are available by phone on 1800 808 690 to help Peoplecare members with hospital admissions, support and get you in touch with services that offer useful information on managing complex conditions.

Ask our experts

We’ve asked two of our fabulous member advocates for some tips they can share.


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1. How have you helped members in some of your recent calls?

I helped a member navigate the healthcare system, assisting in access to care through a few helpful tips – for instance, who to go to and what questions to ask.

Quite often, members need support with life-changing diagnoses such as cancer or heart disease, including how Peoplecare can help, how we fit into the picture and what other support may be available.

2. What are your favourite tips for members?

  • Number one is talk to your trusted family GP! They could help you access Medicare-funded visits to allied health professionals (such as physiotherapists), direct you to support groups or generally support you with your health. GPs are incredibly useful for receiving excellent health support and are an under-utilised tool.
  • Number two is ask for open referrals to allow your choice of specialist. You can use the find a specialist tool on our website to help you find them.
  • Finally, if you are out of hospital and are feeling lost about your care, you can always call the hospital and ask to talk to the nurses who helped you transition home to clarify and support you with understanding the plan. If you’ve been in a public hospital, chat to the discharge planner or social worker. You should always feel comfortable reaching out to your treating doctor or surgeon as well if you need it.  

3. What are some unexpected ways you can help members?

The Australian health system is tricky. Often the most unexpected way we help members is simply through taking the time to listen and understand where the member is at in their journey before adding our technical understanding of the hospital system and health cover. Members simply do not expect this holistic care from us.


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1. How did you help a member in your last call?

I helped a member make an informed decision about their rehab by giving them clear information about their options and then I enrolled them in an appropriate health program to make sure they are well supported. I also talked them through the hospital journey, so they know what they need to do and when.

2. What’s your favourite tips for members?

An oldy but a goodie. I always make sure members know to take their regular medications with them to hospital, as they are not included in their admission and can be quite a pricey cost they were not aware of.

3. What are some unexpected ways you can help members?

I have had a lot of members comment that being able to talk to someone that is not family or friends about their illness really helps them process everything. Just listening makes a bigger difference than I realise sometimes.