How to use your ambulance cover

What is ambulance cover? 

All Peoplecare Combo, Hospital or Extras covers include 100% ambulance cover to ease your mind and help avoid pretty hefty bills. 

You can also take out ambulance cover on its own. 

Queensland and Tasmanian residents don’t need to worry about ambulance travel in their states, because it’s free. Queensland residents are also covered by their state when travelling around Australia. 

Do I really need ambulance cover? 

Ambulance transport is generally very expensive. In NSW for instance, the minimum ambulance charge for an emergency call-out is $407 for NSW residents before you even hit the road, where a per kilometre charge of $3.67 kicks in. The maximum charge for an ambulance is $6,668 for NSW residents and no maximum charge for non-NSW residents.

Remember, there are also air and sea ambulances, which cost even more – up to tens of thousands of dollars. 

Are there annual limits on Peoplecare ambulance cover? 

There are no annual limits on your Peoplecare ambulance cover. 

What’s covered? 

1-day waiting period.

Benefit percentage: 100%.

What's covered 100% nationwide What's not covered
  • Emergency ambulance treatment and transport to hospital via road, air and sea by a state ambulance provider
  • Non-emergency road and air ambulance transport by a state ambulance provider
  • Emergency ambulance treatment without transport
  • Emergency ambulance transport between hospitals
  • Unlimited nationwide
  • General patient transport, e.g. hospital to home, nursing home, medical appointments
  • Ambulance subscriptions, fees and state-based levies
  • Ambulance services that are paid for by the Government, compensation or other kinds of insurance
  • Any transport provided by a non-recognised state ambulance provider


How to claim an ambulance bill

Don’t pay it, just send it straight to us ASAP via our mobile app or through our Online Member Services. 

We’ll sort it out for you and pay 100% of all eligible ambulance claims. 

Important: Private Health Funds don’t cover additional debt recovery costs if you don’t claim before the ambulance bill’s due date. You’ll have to pay those fees yourself. 

That’s why it’s important to send us your ambulance bills as soon as you receive them. 

How much does it cost to claim an ambulance trip? 

It costs nothing to claim an ambulance trip on your Peoplecare cover (i.e. you don’t need to pay an excess or pay anything). 


Ambulance cover top five questions 

We're proud of our ambulance cover (included on all of our hospital, extras or combo covers). 

So when the Commonwealth Ombudsman recently advised consumers to ask themselves five questions about ambulance cover, we thought we'd answer them for you. 




Peoplecare covers emergency ambulance costs and any non-emergency ambulance travel that is deemed 'medically necessary'. 

We cover land, air and sea ambulance transport from public and state-approved private providers. 


No, members won't need to make any payment towards covered ambulance trips.