Our Achievements

We know that we’re a fantastic member-owned, not-for-profit health fund. The question is, how do we prove it?

The answer is with a shiny room of glistening trophies. We value evidence and independent analysis. We benchmark ourselves against the best, collecting awards and happy members as we go. Read on to see what we’ve achieved.

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96% Member Satisfaction

Through challenging times it’s the most rewarding year to continue with a massive 96% member satisfaction score. The only way to continue keeping our members satisfied is to keep responding to change by putting our members’ interests first. As a not-for-profit health fund, we don’t have any shareholders getting in the way of your benefits.

White Ribbon Australia

Peoplecare are proud to have achieved White Ribbon accreditation. With a zero tolerance of violence towards men and women, we are providing essential education for all staff on the support that exists for victims of domestic violence.

The White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation program has helped Peoplecare to implement practices to prevent and respond to domestic violence.

As a White Ribbon accredited workplace, Peoplecare will continue to raise awareness around the issue of violence against women and men; establish active steps to prevent and respond to domestic violence and create a strong culture of respect, integrity and gender equality.


Aon Best Employer

Again? Yes, we’ve nailed down our Aon Best Employer status every year since we first attained it in 2017. We like high standards and we are willing to do the hard work to stay up the top. Work doesn’t have to be a drag and nor does health cover.

Peoplecare is one of only 12 organisations across Australia and New Zealand to make the coveted list.

HR Awards, Finalist, Best Change Management Strategy

Big health reforms meant big changes. We got to the finals with our massive staff training in the lead up to the big changes so that our members would be dealing with some of the best trained and informed staff in the game. The truth is, if our staff know what’s going on, then you will too. Pretty simple stuff. We hope you agree, we do it well.

96% Member Satisfaction

Another year, another fantastic 96% member satisfaction. If our members are happy, we’re happy. The secret sauce to our success is our internal team that continuously cuts red tape for members to make things easier. We take the hassle out of health cover so that you can get on with your busy life.


96% Member Satisfaction

Thanks to all of you who participated in our annual survey and let us know how to improve. We had just over 2200 members take part. 

The good news is that we’re still sitting on a staggering 96% member satisfaction rating.

How did we do it? 

The key to this result is you. We take your feedback each year and making sure that we make any possible improvements you’ve suggested. We hope that you enjoy the benefits.

Aon Best Employer

We’re excited that Peoplecare is an Aon Best Employer for the second time this year, one of only 15 organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Peoplecare first made Aon Best Employer status in 2017.

Why does it matter to our members? 

Aon Best Employers outperform on employee engagement, senior leadership and staff turnover (the latter by 33%*). So, Peoplecarers who care, leaders who lead effectively and experts who stay for your benefit – there just might be something in this for you.

Peoplecare is a fab place to work and it’s pleasing to see that there are other organisations out there making their employees and customers happy.

*Source: Aon

HR Awards, Finalist, Employer of Choice (Public Sector & NFP)

On the back of our first and then second Aon Best Employer status, we made the list for the not-for-profit Employer of Choice at the HR Awards. We love making those finals but we’re still pining for that elusive winners trophy.

HR Awards, Finalist, Best Health & Wellbeing Program

Mental health rightly is coming to the forefront of our thinking both at work and at home. That’s why we went further to provide a workplace that not only provides deeper and more meaningful ongoing mental health support but also provides tools for Peoplecarers to actively build mental resilience. We’ve got great help for our members for mental health, so it is only natural to extend care to our own employees. We like to practice what we preach. Sure, we can positively affect members’ lives, but we’ve got hundreds of employees whose lives we can improve too.


Net Supporter Score nears double the industry average

Bring that bacon home! Peoplecare topped all Australian open health funds in the prestigious IPSOS customer satisfaction rating for the third consecutive time. It's tough thinking of new ways to celebrate.

Our excitement is clearly trumping our shame at being boastful.

The results come from the Ipsos Health Care and Insurance Australia 2017 report which surveyed more than 14,000 Australians. Our Net Supporters score (a simpler measure of customer satisfaction than the Net Promoter Score) of 69% is nearly double the industry average of 35%.

In short, this score means that our members gave us the highest ranking of all the open health funds in Australia for how satisfied they are with us. This includes our exceptional customer service, fast claims and how happy they are with our products. As a member-owned, not for profit health fund, our focus on our members is clear. We put our success down to the words we live by: personal is best.

A big shout out to all our members who took the time to do the survey. Mwah! 

IPSOS Number 1 call centre

Peoplecare is the #1 call centre* of all the health funds in Australia that were included in the 2019.

We're super proud of our experts on the phones, the voices of Peoplecare. 

They love chatting to you, so well done laying on the charm and bringing out the best in them. Bravo! 

*Ipsos Health Care and Insurance Australia 2017

Aon Best Employer

Peoplecare is the first ever health fund to be recognised as an employer of choice, ranked as one of the 16 leading Australian and New Zealand organisations in the Aon Best Employer list for 2017.

Pumped would be an understatement for how we're feeling about being ranked as one of the 16 leading Australian and New Zealand organisations on the Aon Best Employer list for 2017.

We already thought we were a pretty fab place to work, but this recognition means we're now officially up there with the big boys like Nova Entertainment and SEEK Limited. We know, right?!

So, what’s this Aon Best Employers thing all about? It’s a program is run annually by Aon Hewitt to recognise an elite group of organisations with high employee engagement, effective leadership and a high-performance culture. And we're the first Aussie health insurer to be accredited! 

So how did we create this special award-winning work environment?

Our philosophy here is ‘personal is best’ and we work hard to make sure our Peoplecarers have access flexible working conditions, leadership programs and a robust mental health program.

Our Head of People, Culture & Capability, Maree, says appearing on the coveted list of employers not only validates Peoplecare as an employer of choice, but it’s also great news for you guys: our members.

“This recognition also provides our members with confidence that Peoplecare is an organisation that invests in the people that are servicing and helping our members often during difficult times in their life. We have a high-performance culture and that is undoubtedly reflected in the way we help our members, deliver exceptional customer service and be a secure, financially healthy organisation,” Ms. Morgan-Monk says.

In a nutshell? Happy Peoplecarers means even happier customer service – win-win!


IMB Bank Illawarra Business Awards

  • Winner: Business of the Year
  • Winner: Excellence in Business
  • Winner: Excellence in Business Ethics
  • Winner: Employer of Choice

Peoplecare were finalists in the 3 categories we entered in at the 2016 IMB Bank Illawarra Business Awards – Excellence in Business, Excellence in Business Ethics and Employer of Choice.  Not only were we finalists, but we won all 3 categories and to boot, we also won the 2016 IMB Bank Illawarra Business of the Year – woohoo! This made us finalists in the NSW Business Chamber of the Year Awards!

97% Member Satisfaction

A staggering 97% of the 2,788 members who took part in the 2016 Member Satisfaction Survey told us they’re satisfied with the service from Peoplecare… WOW!  How awesome are we?

#1 open health fund for Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Yep, that’s right, we received strong independent ranking from the bi-annual survey, being awarded #1 open health fund for Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the second consecutive time!

3 CHOICE Recommended Products

For the 10th time running, Peoplecare were named by CHOICE as having 3 products listed in their health insurance evaluation best value products of 2016! They are Basic Hospital, Premium Hospital – nil excess & Basic Extras.


#1 open health fund for Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Peoplecare received the highest score of all health funds across the country in the IPSOS Healthcare and Insurance Australia 2015 Report. Peoplecare was awarded the top Net Promoter Score (NPS) with a score of 84 – almost double the industry average of 43. NPS is universally accepted as the most common measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty between a business and its customers. 

Finalists at the Australian HR Awards

Peoplecare was a national finalist for Best Workplace Flexibility Program Award and Employer of Choice (Public Sector and Not-for-Profit) Award at the Australian HR Awards. 

94.9% Member Satisfaction

94.9% of the 1,134 members who participated in the 2015 Member Satisfaction Survey indicated they were satisfied with Peoplecare.


Smart Investor's #1 open health fund in Australia

The Australian Financial Review’s Smart Investor December 2014 magazine’s “Australia’s ten best private health funds” article names Peoplecare as the #1 open health fund in Australia! We’re thrilled with the result. 

95.5% Member Satisfaction

Peoplecare have completed their annual Member Satisfaction Survey with more outstanding results. 95.5% of the 1,302 members who took part in the survey said that they’re happy with their cover and service from Peoplecare.   


CEO awarded the Member of the Order of Australia 

Our Peoplecare CEO, Michael Bassingthwaighte, has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal this 2013 Queen's Birthday Weekend for his “significant service to the private health insurance industry and the community of the Illawarra region”. Our Peoplecarers are super-excited that the rest of Australia has recognised what we already know! They couldn't have picked a more well-deserving person and we're so proud of Michael. Read the full article here.

Head of People & Culture named Australian Human Resources Manager of the Year

Peoplecare is excited to announce that their Head of People & Culture, Maree Morgan-Monk, has been recognised as Australia’s HR Manager of the Year for 2013. 

  • #1 Customer Service
  • #1 Call Centre Service
  • #1 Online Member Engagement
  • #1 Net Promoter Score

In the 2013 IPSOS survey, Peoplecare once again demonstrated its high level of customer service by taking out the open health funds #1 rank not just for Customer Service, but also Call Centre Service, Online Member Engagement, and Net Promoter Score.


Peoplecare Rebrand Wins Global Award

Peoplecare’s recent rebrand has won a merit award in the prestigious 2011 REBRAND 100 Global Awards.

Launched in August last year and developed by leading branding agency Principals, our distinctive new look is fresh, cheeky and personal and stands apart from its competitors in the marketplace.

The REBRAND 100 Global Awards are the highest worldwide recognition a rebranding project can achieve. The Awards are judged by an esteemed panel of international business, marketing and design executives, with the ultimate goal of showcasing the most effective brand transformations to the world.

The 2011 Awards were open to any rebrand launched anywhere in the world between January 2008 and September 2010. The rebrand could have been an enterprise-wide initiative, a single component of a brand, or a brand extension. Global organisations, Fortune 50 corporations, small businesses, accomplished entrepreneurs, respected non-profit organisations, cities, and renowned universities from around the world are regularly represented amongst award winners.


Peoplecare scoops the pool in 2010 Illawarra Business Awards!

We're thrilled to be multiple award-winners at the 2010 Illawarra Business Awards on 12 November.

  • Winner - Business of the Year 2010
  • Winner - Business Person of the Year (Michael Bassingthwaighte, Peoplecare CEO)
  • Winner - Professional & Commercial Services
  • Highly Commended - Customer Service
  • Finalist - Retail & Personal Services

A huge thanks to our heroes, our staff of Peoplecarers, who give everything they've got to make Peoplecare such a success!

Choice 2010 Health Insurance Survey

Peoplecare products have been evaluated by independent parties and for more information about how we performed in the CHOICE 2010 Health Insurance survey.


Peoplecare achieves highest customer service rating in 2009 IPSOS Survey

A comprehensive industry survey of 5,555 health fund members conducted by IPSOS in 2009 highlighted Peoplecare’s performance with the highest customer service rating in the history of the survey. Peoplecare customer service ranking was way ahead of the other participating funds and IPSOS says “Peoplecare’s performance is truly exceptional… Peoplecare has set a record that will be hard to match, but shows what can be done.”

Peoplecare ranked in nation's top health funds

Peoplecare Health Insurance has been ranked as one of the best health funds in Australia by Australian Financial Review's Smart Investor Magazine in their annual health fund survey; firmly establishing that a smaller fund can out-perform some of the largest health funds in Australia.

AFR's Smart Investor featured Peoplecare as their lead story in the June 2009 article, which evaluated over 1,000 Australian health fund policies. The final instalment of their 2009 private health insurance comparison was released in June 2009 and has placed Peoplecare as one of the top 7 health funds in the country!

With its products recommended in an incredible 12 different categories of the AFR report, Peoplecare was showcased as an example of a smaller health fund providing high value health cover to their members.

Peoplecare's CEO Michael Bassingthwaighte is proud and delighted with the recognition from AFR.

"We always strive to keep our products competitive and provide an exceptional value proposition for our members, but it's wonderful to have this independent recognition of the value of our health cover", said Michael. "This is solid proof that as a smaller, not-for-profit company we can be competitive at the national level, while remaining focused on our local community".

Peoplecare were also featured on the Today Show in May 2009, as one of the 3 best value health funds for family cover in Australia.


Peoplecare shines in 2008 Illawarra Business Awards

Peoplecare is proud of our recent success at the 2008 Illawarra Business Awards:

  • Winner - Business of the Year 2008
  • Winner - Retail and Personal Services
  • Finalist - Business Person of the Year (Michael Bassingthwaighte)
  • Finalist - Customer Service 

CEO recognised as 2008 Illawarra Boss of the Year

Peoplecare's CEO, Michael Bassingthwaighte, has been awarded the prestigious 2008 Illawarra Boss of the Year. Peoplecare staff celebrated with morning tea and their own presentation at Peoplecare headquarters.


Peoplecare recognised in 2007 Illawarra Business Awards 

Peoplecare is proud of our success at the 2007 Illawarra Business Awards:

  • Winner - Innovation Category
  • Finalist - Customer Service
  • Finalist - Business Person of the Year (Michael Bassingthwaighte)
  • Finalist - Health & Community Services