Extras cover

Extras cover (also called ancillary cover or general treatment) helps with things you generally don't get for free from the public health system in Australia such as dental, optical and physio. This guide explains the key features of Extras cover.

Did you know about the Peoplecare combined Hospital and Extras cover discount? Get a 10% discount off any Peoplecare Extras cover when combined with any Peoplecare Hospital cover.

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Advantages of Extras cover

  • All that cover
    Extras cover helps with things you generally don’t get for free from the public health system in Australia like:*
    • dental
    • optical
    • physio
    • chiro
    • osteo
    • acupuncture
    • remedial massage
    • hearing aids
    • laser eye surgery
  • Receive a rebate
    Members may be eligible for a rebate (depending on your income) from the government to reduce the cost of Extras and Hospital cover premiums. It’s called the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance. View the income thresholds here.


Choosing an Extras cover is easy.

We have four options – Premium, High, Mid & Simple – so you can choose the best one for your needs & budget.

Please keep in mind that most services have an annual limit and waiting periods might apply.


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30-day cooling-off period

No worries if you change your mind: just let us know within 30 days of joining or upgrading your cover and you'll get a full refund of any premiums paid (as long as you haven't made any claims in that time, of course).

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There are some important things you need to know about your cover

*There are some government programs, generally means-tested (subject to income and/or social background criteria), that can help pay for some extras services. An example is the Child Dental Benefit Schedule. Another exception is treatment received under a Chronic Disease Management Plan. Peoplecare can’t provide benefits if you’re receiving a benefit through one of these government programs/plans.

Ready to join?
Get cover for a

How does joining work?

Step 1

Choose your Hospital cover

  • Silver Plus Hospital:
    $500 excess; or
    $750 excess
  • Silver Plus Grow:
    $500 excess; or
    $750 excess
  • Silver Hospital:
    $500 excess; or
    $750 excess
  • Bronze Plus Hospital:*
    $500 excess; or
    $750 excess
  • Basic Plus Hospital:*
    $500 excess; or
    $750 excess

*The age-based discount is available on this cover

You can take hospital cover on its own (except Silver Plus Grow which must be purchased with an Extras product as combination cover), most people add extras cover to give them broader coverage.

Step 2

Choose your Extras cover

Extras cover gives you benefits for items and services that aren’t covered by Medicare. Such as your teeth, glasses, chiro, physio and more.

  • Premium Extras
  • High Extras
  • Mid Extras
  • Simple Extras

You can take extras cover on its own, but most people add hospital cover for their hospital & medical costs.

Step 3

Take 10% off your extras

When you combine Hospital and Extras covers, we take 10% off your extras premiums as an ongoing discount.