How to use your extras for pregnancy

Before and after your little of bundle of joy arrives, there are some handy things that might be worth claiming on your extras cover.


Add your newborn to your cover

Just a reminder that you need to add your new baby to your cover so that they don’t need to re-serve any waiting periods that you’ve served. Learn more here.



Common pregnancy conditions you could claim

Gestational diabetes usually starts in the sixth month of pregnancy and ends after birth. Treatment for gestational diabetes may involve:

  • a controlled diet.
  • insulin injections.

Claim: Dietician consultations and diabetes items from your health aids benefits.

Aches, pains and swelling are all common during pregnancy. 

Claim: physio, chiro & remedial pregnancy massages.

Post-natal depression affects 1 in 7 women. So, there’s a good reason to get support if you need it.

Claim: psychology consultations.

High blood pressure can occur during pregnancy.

Claim: a blood pressure monitor.

Post-natal issues like lactation & sleep

Claim: - Post-natal classes, lactation consultant, sleeping safely & settling baby classes.

Source: Pregnancy, Birth and Baby


Pregnancy   Simple Mid High Premium







  • Physiotherapy visit
  • Group classes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Chiropractic visit
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Health Management
  • Genetic testing on unborn babies e.g. Harmony test, Genesyte test
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Script medication related to pregnancy complications e.g. nausea
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Complementary Therapies
  • Remedial pregnancy massage
No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Dietitian consult
No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Ante/Post Natal Treatment
  • Ante natal classes

  • Lactation consultant

  • Sleeping safely & settling baby classes

No No Yes Yes No No Yes
Health Aids
  • Blood pressure monitor

  • Blood glucose monitor


  • Pregnancy shorts


  • Pregnancy belts


  • Diabetic consumables e.g. sensors, glucose test strips

No No Yes Yes No No Yes
  • Psychology visits
No No Yes Yes No No Yes
  • Have midwife deliver baby at home
No No Yes Yes No No Yes

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Extras waiting periods

Waiting period Extras cover
No waiting period Services covered by your old fund (if you transfer straight to a similar level of cover with us)
1 day Ambulance
2 months All other services, except for those listed below
2 months General dental, pharmacy, physio, chiro, podiatry & natural therapies
6 months Optical
6 months Health management programs
12 months High cost dentistry
12 months Pre/post-natal services (including midwifery)
24 months Laser eye surgery & hearing aids

Please note that not all items are listed and other waiting periods may apply. Please contact the fund for more information.

If you're upgrading your extras cover, waiting periods still apply for the services that you weren't previously covered for.