Pregnancy hospital cover

Starting your own family is an exciting time. Having a baby is the start of a rewarding, often challenging, lifelong journey. At least they start off being so gosh darn cute.

This page explains all you need to do to take out hospital cover so that you can have your little bundle of joy at a private hospital with the obstetrician of your choice (or even at a public hospital with your choice of obstetrician).

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Two important things before you dive in — these apply to all health funds

Waiting period

A waiting period (including those for pre-existing conditions) of 12 months applies for pregnancy and birth, keep reading this page for more info.

Don’t worry, if you’re transferring from another fund we’ll make sure we recognise any waiting periods you’ve already served if you switch within 30 days! More detail about waiting periods is here

To switch, just join Peoplecare from the same day you stop your cover with your old health fund (you won’t spend any time without cover that way!). We send them a request for details of your cover with them (this is called a Transfer Certificate) and then we’ll recognise the waiting periods you’ve already served. Sometimes if you’ve used all of your annual limit with your old fund, you’ll have to wait for the new financial year to renew your limits.


Excesses may apply when you go to hospital, depending on your cover. Peoplecare Gold Hospital cover has three different excess levels to choose from:

  • $750
  • $500

Read more about excess works.

What’s the benefit of hospital cover for your pregnancy?

  • Choose your own obstetrician and midwives whose expertise and delivery style suit you
  • Your obstetrician and midwives stay with you throughout your entire pregnancy
  • Food and accommodation options may be better
  • Bigger chance of getting a private room (depends on availability)

Which hospital cover do I need for pregnancy?

Peoplecare’s Gold Hospital cover. The specific category you’re looking for is called Pregnancy and birth.

Gold Hospital is the highest level of hospital cover in Australia, including all 38 clinical categories.

When do I need pregnancy cover?

12 months before the admission for the birth of your baby is the official waiting period. We encourage mothers to play it safe with timings. A couple of months up your sleeve to allow for an early birth could mean the difference between being able to use your hospital cover or not.
How do I use hospital cover to have a baby?

Simply follow the steps in our Going to Hospital Guide. But, in brief, you can choose your obstetrician with your GP.

Have you considered adding extras cover?

The public system doesn’t offer:

  • massages
  • hydrotherapy
  • TENS – a small battery-powered electrical pulse machine used in the early stages of labour to manage pain (only use after consulting your doctor)
  • dental care – gum disease is linked to premature birth and low birth weight*

Peoplecare can provide benefits for the above services on some extras covers. To view our extras covers and waiting periods, visit our extras page. Plus, combine any extras cover with any hospital cover and we’ll take 10% off the price of your extras cover.

Other important hospital cover info

There are some important things you need to know about your cover. Please click on the links below to read more.


*There are some government programs, generally means-tested (subject to income and/or social background criteria), that can help pay for some extras services. An example is the Child Dental Benefit Schedule. Another exception is treatment received under a Chronic Disease Management Plan. Peoplecare can’t provide benefits if you’re receiving a benefit through one of these government programs/plans.

Thinking of IVF?

Need a little help getting pregnant? Your doctor is the best person to help you.

Normally, IVF is the last step before you’ve tried out other proven options. We know it can be stressful, not to mention expensive. That’s why Peoplecare is here to help guide you through and offers benefits for in vitro fertilisation.

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