Complementary therapies

What services can you still claim under complementary therapies?

Complementary therapy benefits at Peoplecare cover more than you’d think. This page shows you all the benefits you can get under this category.

What extras are available?

  • Chinese herbal consults
  • Massages – such as remedial, sports, deep tissue, Thai and Myotherapy.
  • Acupuncture
  • Dietetics which means that you could claim consultations with a dietitian. Dietitians are nutritionists who’ve met the national standard set by Dietitians Australia. Peoplecare doesn’t pay benefits for nutritionists who aren’t qualified as dietitians.

Benefits for all complementary therapies

These benefits are paid from Complementary Therapies.

Extras cover

Initial consult


Limit per Person

Limit per family 

Premium Extras



$400 complementary therapies limit

$800 complementary therapies limit

High Extras



$350 complementary therapies limit

$700 complementary therapies limit

Mid Extras



$300 complementary therapies limit

$600 complementary therapies limit

Simple Extras






Closed Extras covers*

Initial consult

Subsequent consults^

Limit per person

Limit per family 

Comprehensive Extras $35

$25 (sub consults 1-10)

$15 (sub consults 11+)

$435 $870
Value Extras $35

$25 (sub consults 1-10)

$15 (sub consults 11+)

$350 $700
Standard Extras 60% 60% $170 $340

* These covers are closed but members with these covers can stay on them and use their benefits.

^ A note to explain how subsequent consultations work. The 1st to 10th subsequent consultations have different benefits on Comprehensive Extras and Standard Extras as do the 11th subsequent consultations and any after that.


How the benefits work 

  • A 2-month waiting period applies for new members and members who’ve just upgraded to an extras cover with complementary therapy benefits.
  • Benefits only available from registered providers. You can find registered providers using our search tool. 
  • Only one initial consultation can be claimed each financial year. 
  • Limits reset every financial year. 
  • No benefits are available for herbal medicines.

How to claim complementary therapies 

Simply swipe your Peoplecare card to claim with your provider.  

Forgot your card? Collect the receipt and make a photo claim