Avoid the claim pain

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We hear you – health insurance can be tricky. We want to help make claiming a breeze so you can get the most out of your membership! Check our top tips to help dodge the claim pain.

Know your cover

Not knowing exactly what you’re covered for (and can claim) is actually pretty common. And then there are benefit amounts and limits depending on what treatment you’ve had as well as your level of cover. It might sound boring, but it’s all info that can potentially save you some serious dollars later on! So before you hit up the dentist or massage therapist, check your extras benefits and limits to avoid unwanted surprises. It’s easy, just log in online and get a benefit quote or give us a buzz on 1800 808 690.

Know your limits

Know how much of your benefits limits you’ve used and how much you have left, so you’re not caught out. Don’t stress though – we’ve got an app which makes keeping track of claims a piece of cake! Oh, and we run on a financial year, which means your Extras benefits reset on 1 July.

Check all the details are complete

To get your claims paid pronto, be sure you include your Peoplecare membership number and a provider number on your claim forms. All providers have an individual Provider Number: a mixture of letters and numbers usually found with the contact details on their invoice. And if you’re claiming on the spot (well played, my friend!), this is already sorted.

Claim it, claim it now!

Anything over two years old can’t be claimed, so get those receipts out of the shoebox and in to us! Remember that you can claim online for dental, optical, physio, chiro & osteo, podiatry and occupational therapy.

Hint: our mobile app makes claiming easier than ever

Know your options

There’s more than one way you can claim, so find the option that best suits you, and we can pay your benefit straight into your account. Happy days!


1. Swipe your card – claim instantly!

EFTPOS-style claiming is where it’s at. You simply swipe your membership card and – BOOM – claim paid! On-the-spot claiming is available at most health providers like dentists, optometrists, physios, chiros and that Chinese massage place you love. You just pay the difference between their fee and your fund benefit – no claim form needed. Nice.

2. Claim with mobile app

Our app is all about making claiming a breeze! Forget faffing about with scanning and emailing – simply take a photo of your receipt on your smart phone or tablet, open our app, submit your pic and voilà! Your claim is on its way to us in record time.

Download the app (as well as instructions) here, or search ‘Peoplecare’ on the Google Play store or App Store. 

3. Claim online

Claiming online is super easy! Just like with our app, all you need to do is upload a photo of your receipt. Upload it to Online Member Services and you're done.

To register for our Online Member Services, just go here. It only takes a few minutes.

4. Email us

Just scan your completed claim form with your receipts and email us at info@peoplecare.com.au 

5. Send via snail mail or fax

Send your completed claim form along with your receipts to:

Locked Bag 33,

or fax to 1300 673 405

Hospital claims

Hospitals usually check your cover with us before you’re admitted and will let you know of anything you need to pay them up front. When you’re discharged, just check their account to make sure it’s right and then the hospital will send the claim straight to us. We take care of it all for you and let you know how much we’ve paid on your behalf later. Too easy!

Medical claims

Your doctor should tell you all about your treatment costs (and any potential out of pocket expenses) before you’re admitted to hospital. It’s called Informed Financial Consent (IFC).

In most cases they usually send the claim straight to us and we’ll take care of it for you. If not, you need to claim from Medicare first. You can do this by completing two Medicare forms (their claim form and their two-way claim form) and send it to Medicare with your accounts. Once Medicare have paid their bit, they’ll electronically send the claim to us and we’ll take care of our part.