Peoplecare’s Member Satisfaction on the up


Woo hoo! Thanks, you guys. Our lovely Peoplecare members gave us a whopping 97.3 per cent satisfaction rate (up from just under 97 per cent last year) in our 2017 Member Satisfaction Survey. Bloomin’ brilliant!

We’re rapt that our members are feeling the Peoplecare love. ‘Personal is best’ just happens to be our not-so-secret ingredient. We treat all our members like a person, not a number.

And it works. Our members love how quickly we answer the phones and how well we communicate (at 98 per cent satisfaction). Keeping members in the loop is our forte.

Luckily for our members who don’t respond just to the warm and fuzzies, we’ve got exceptional health cover and customer service. As a member-owned not-for-profit, we’re able to pack our cover with value.

Our CEO, Michael, says “Yes, these results are outstanding, but continuous improvements remain a key focus for us at Peoplecare.

The survey shows there are still areas for us to improve upon. We’re listening to our members and taking action. These results demonstrate to the industry that there is a model that gives members an exceptional product in a way that makes them highly satisfied.” 

The Peoplecare Member Satisfaction Survey is both independent and conducted annually by Discovery Research. The figures we quote are from the 2017 edition.