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We’re a top-notch not-for-profit health fund, but can we look after our own? You betchya!

Our ripper HR team is an HRD Innovative Team for 2018, making the list for the Peoplecare Mental Health program in the health and wellbeing category.

Mental health is one the toughest challenges facing Australia. Never one to shirk, Peoplecare is tackling it head-on:  

  • providing free anonymous counselling services for Peoplecarers and immediate family members
  • training our leaders and Mental Health First Aid officers on how to identify, talk with and manage Peoplecarers with mental health issues
  • internal activities to engage and empower Peoplecarers
  • running Blind Mate Dates at a café for a drink on RUOK?DAY to get conversations going about mental health with Peoplecarers outside their normal social circle

Black Dog Institute is the other winner in our category. If we’re winning alongside those guys, the experts in the field, we reckon we’re doing alright.

Some of the other cool winners doing interesting things in HR are Xero Australia, who are going all out on keeping their employees happy, and Youi, who have an envy inducing employee recognition program.