Peoplecare triTheGong

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The stunning harbour precinct and blue mile of Wollongong City will come alive again this April with a festival of fitness, health and family fun that offers everyone the chance to “have a go” or come along and enjoy the colour and spectacle of the sport of triathlon.

The Peoplecare triTheGong triathlon festival offers races for all ages and abilities. Enter as an individual or get some friends together and be part of a team and taste the excitement, exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that comes with participating in this festival.

For the more serious triathlete, there are MINIMAN, Super Sprint, Sprint and Standard triathlons to challenge yourself and your family. Enter the code PEOPLEC1520189 to get 15% off these events.

Register for the Peoplecare triTheGong 13 April 2019.