In Case You Missed It in 2018:

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In July 2018, the Environmental Health Standing Committee (an Australian and New Zealand government health policy advice group) issued a warning on lead in some plumbing products dissolving into drinking water.

Brass fittings still used in home plumbing and lead-based solder used in copper pipes in older homes could raise your drinking water’s lead levels above recommended safe levels.

How does lead get into the water at unsafe levels?

Where water has been resting against brass fittings for long periods of time, concentrations of lead will be higher.

How to reduce lead in water

  • run your taps for 30 seconds in the morning (or a couple of minutes after holidays for instance)
  • use water from cold taps for drinking and cooking
  • choose low or lead free plumbing fittings

Read the full government warning here.


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