New year, new weight resolution


It’s hard to keep the kilos off your waist at Christmas. Santa calls it getting ‘festively plump’. Thankfully there’s a kilo-shredding program to get you in shape and keep your new year resolution!

The Total Wellbeing Diet, created by Australia’s national science agency, the CSIRO, is a science-based diet that has been updated for 2019 with a focus on eating to promote good gut health. 

One of the best parts of the Total Wellbeing Diet is that you can qualify for a full refund of the $199 membership if you complete the 12-week online program. That’s a nice little incentive to motivate you through this hot part of the year.

And dieting doesn’t mean missing out on tasty food nor alcohol. In fact, CSIRO research from 2017 shows that foodies have the highest average Healthy Diet Score of the 5 diet personality types.* 

The CSIRO won’t make you a foodie, it’ll just nudge you towards healthier meals and habits. So there’s no need to buy a black felt hat and post food pics on Instagram. 

The 12-week online program includes family meal plans, shopping lists, exercise plans and the ability to input data straight from your Fitbit or Garmin to track your progress. The diet is structured to:

  • improve appetite control & reduce cravings
  • give a metabolic boost
  • reduce body fat
  • provide delicious, high protein, low GI food and generous portions
  • start exercise slowly and build from there

A few more freebies

Have you ever wondered what your diet personality is? Want to know how healthy your gut is? There are free tools for that on the Total Wellbeing Diet website. And you can use these tools before forking out the membership fee. 

You can also get a sample of the meals and exercise plans free here by entering your email address.

Interested in the types of exercise you’ll be doing? Here is the full exercise instructions library.

Keen to get started? Visit the Total Wellbeing Diet website.

* For more info on diet personality types, read this research by the CSIRO.


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