Ambulance only

Did you know that an ambulance ride could cost you thousands?

We paid a $24,000 air ambulance fare in 2018 with zero out-of-pocket expenses for our member.

Our ambulance cover is included free with any of our Combo, Hospital or Extras covers. 

You can also purchase ambulance cover on it's own - just give us a buzz on 1800 808 704

View ambulance only cover description.

Check here for more information on how to claim an ambulance bill.


1 day waiting period.

Benefit percentage: 100%.

What's covered What's not covered
  • Emergency ambulance treatment and transport to hospital via road, air and sea by a state ambulance provider
  • Non-emergency road and air ambulance transport by a state ambulance provider
  • Emergency ambulance treatment without transport
  • Emergency ambulance transport between hospitals
  • Unlimited nationwide
  • General patient transport, e.g. hospital to home, nursing home, medical appointments
  • Ambulance subscriptions, fees and state-based levies
  • Ambulance services that are paid for by the Government, compensation or other kinds of insurance
  • Any transport provided by a non-recognised state ambulance provider