Mental health support

Peoplecare’s hospital and extras cover provide benefits for your mental health support and well-being.


Mental health support programs available with Peoplecare hospital covers:

MindStep program

Renew Health program


Benefits available under extras to assist with mental health (depending on your level of cover):



Under hospital cover

Under all levels of hospital cover*, Peoplecare offer tailored support programs designed to meet various mental health needs and assist you on your journey to mental wellbeing.

We offer two distinct programs: MindStep and Renew.

MindStep Health Program

MindStep is ideal for individuals experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and depression who are not currently under psychological care. This program is delivered by trained mental health coaches using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques. MindStep offers flexible, phone-based support to help manage mental health challenges effectively.

More about MindStep


Renew is designed for individuals with more complex mental health needs, working alongside their primary care providers. This program is delivered by a team of psychologists and mental health nurses, offering comprehensive support through personalised care plans.

More about Renew

Through our mental health programs, MindStep and Renew, Peoplecare want to help you receive the appropriate level of care tailored to your specific mental health needs. Whether you require guided self-help or more intensive support, our programs are here to assist you on your journey to mental health and well-being.


*2-month waiting periods apply.

Under extras cover

Psychology and group therapy benefits are available on Peoplecare’s High Extras and Premium Extras covers. Just be aware that 2-month waiting periods apply when you first join those covers.

Psychology benefits
Level of cover Initial consult Subsequent Limit per person Limit per family
Premium Extras $110 $90 $500 $1000
High Extras $90 $70 $400 $800


Psychology benefits (closed cover)
Level of cover Initial consult Subsequent Limit per person Limit per family
Comprehensive Extras** 80% of the cost up to $120 80% of the cost up to $60 $500 $650


**Comprehensive Extras is no longer available for sale.


Ask our experts

We’re here to help. Our Health experts can provide assistance with:

  • Enquiries about our health programs
  • Questions about your upcoming hospital admission
  • How to access community and government health support services