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The macular in focus this May

May is Macula Month in Australia and we’re using this opportunity to bring you up to speed on this crucial part of your eyesight. The key point is that early detection of macular degeneration could help preserve your vision. If that sounds useful, it might be worth reading on…

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Attention all runners

We’ve got discounts and giveaways to three local events - Kiama Coastal Classic, Wollongong Running Festival, and Run Shellharbour.

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Update - Hospital Termination

In December 2021, we notified members that Adventist HealthCare planned to terminate its hospital contract with us effective from 7th February 2022. Regrettably, the contract terminated as Adventist HealthCare had planned. This is not the outcome we wanted. We’ll continue discussions with Adventist HealthCare to renew their contract with us in the near future and will advise members if a new contract is in place.

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Hospital Contract Termination with Adventist HealthCare

Peoplecare is committed to providing members with private hospital options that represent the highest quality and best value. Regrettably, we haven’t reached an agreement with Adventist HealthCare on the terms and conditions of a new agreement on what we believe are fair charges, and to avoid pressure on the current level of your health fund contributions.

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