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Is salt doing you damage?

You may have already quit sugar and reduced your red meat portions but did you know that you may need to cut back on salt too? We have a salty problem. That seasoning that Gordon Ramsay wants you to smother your food with is doing your body harm.

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Recovering from the silly season?

How to prepare for next Xmas from our friends at CFCU Australians racked up around $28 billion in credit card debt over the Christmas period, so it comes as no surprise that many people will be spending the coming few months paying off debt and trying to recover from the silly season.

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Do I need to stretch before exercise?

Everywhere you go, someone will be bending and twisting and interpretive dancing as they warm up those abs, glutes, clacks and dorfs1 before heading into some form of exercise, and you think to yourself, "Self, is that really necessary?" (You'll be happy to know that eye rolling is a form of warm up).

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