Bring bring bringing telehealth to you

Have Peoplecare extras? We have new ways for you to make the most of your cover for a limited time.


If you’re excited about your new telehealth benefits (available until 1 April 2022) on your extras cover, you probably want to know how to use them. We’re here to help with this short explainer.

Your telehealth consultations are a new way to claim one-to-one using video and phone consults, based on your existing extras cover benefits.

New claimable telehealth services: 

  • physiotherapy 
  • occupational therapy 
  • psychology 
  • speech therapy 
  • dietetics 

These temporary benefits are available until 1 April 2022.

Your benefits are the same as your regular extras benefits. To check your cover and annual limits, use our new and improved Peoplecare app, Larry or log in to our website.

Telehealth consults are a new way to claim using your existing extras cover, available until 1 April 2022 (at this stage). That means that your normal benefits, annual limits and waiting periods apply to the new one-to-one video and phone consultations available on physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, speech therapy and dietetics. 

Just be aware that some lower levels of extras cover don’t have access to all telehealth services. On Basic Extras, for instance, members can claim for physio and occupational therapy and not psych, speech therapy and dietetics.

A telehealth provider is your regular extras provider who is recognised by Medicare and now provides telehealth consults. Many regular extras providers who usually only see face-to-face patients are doing telehealth consults during the COVID-19 period.  

Tip: Simply contact your regular physio, for instance, and ask if they’re doing telehealth consults. Many regular extras providers are ready to go with telehealth.

Simply submit your receipt showing: 

  • Name of patient 
  • Provider name and registration details 
  • Date of service 
  • Cost
  • Service provided 
  • Information if this was a phone or video consult 

To submit your claim, take a photo of your receipt and send it to us on the Peoplecare app Larry or via our website. 

You can also email or post us your receipt, but you’ll need to do some extra paperwork (by completing a claim form). For more details, here’s some more info. 

Face-to-face consultations are available with many extras providers. Allied Health Professionals, as they’re known, are deemed essential by the government. These are physios, exercise physios, occupational therapists, chiros, osteos and many more. Many of these professions are doing hands-on consultations in their regular practices but check with your provider.