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If you take up a hospital only or hospital and extras (combo) cover with Peoplecare, you'll get*:

  • A FREE $100 VISA gift card to spend on the things you love
  • 10% off your extras premium (while you hold a combo cover)
  • Exclusive deals for Peoplecare members

Joining’s easy through our website or by phone on 1800 808 704.

T&Cs apply - scroll down to read more.

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We're easy!

We won’t make you jump through hoops to claim. You’re paying for cover, so you should be able to use it. We’ve got a mobile app, online services and on-the-spot claiming at providers, just to give you a few options (in case you get bored with just one).

We're personal

But not like someone you just met in the checkout line that tells you all about their problems. We’re personal in a good way. When you call us, we’ll answer – not a machine. And sure, we’ll give you a member number, but we’ll never treat you like one (unless that’s what you’re into).

We're loveable

Our members actually do love us. Well, 96.2% of them do (according to our 2022 member survey**), which we think is pretty darn good (because let’s face it - who’s perfect?).

** Discovery Research Member Satisfaction Survey 2022

We're not for profit

Since day dot (many moons ago), we've been not-for-profit and member-owned. It guides how we treat you. As an owner, you're the boss and we're here for you.

Join Offer Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer is for first-time new members only who join a Hospital only or Hospital and Extras (combo) cover. This offer can only be claimed once.
  2. Members who purchase Extras only, Ambulance only or Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) covers are not eligible for the Gift Card.
  3. Peoplecare membership must be held for 60 days prior to the EFTPOS gift card being sent out.
  4. The membership must be current and paid up-to-date at the time the offer is being redeemed.
  5. This offer is not available with any other promotional offers being run by Peoplecare at the same time.
  6. This offer is not available through intermediaries and only applied to purchases by new members through the Peoplecare website or call centre.
  7. All Gift Cards will be emailed to the email address nominated by the member. Peoplecare are not liable for any undelivered Gift Cards and no replacement Gift Cards will be provided in the event of non-delivery of Gift Card. Allow 8-9 weeks after the purchase date of the new policy for delivery of the Gift Card.

  8. All Gift Cards have a 12-month expiry.

  9. Peoplecare Directors and employees are not eligible to receive this offer.
  10. Peoplecare can withdraw this offer at any time without notice.
  11. The Gift Card received is subject to the standard Gift Card conditions and exclusions. For full Terms of Use please visit: