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Want to save on out-of-pocket expenses on your planned surgery? Use our provider search.

To reduce your out-of-pocket costs, we have agreements with more than 37,000 doctors across Australia. This is called Access Gap. Search below to see if your doctor has taken part in our Access Gap in the past. Remember, it’s the personal choice of the doctor whether they participate in Access Gap and they can decide on a case-by-case basis.

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Going to hospital can be a stressful time. We’ve put together a guide for your hospital stay – from what to ask your doctor to how we pay the bills so that you’re fully informed. 

Going to hospital guide


How to use the specialist search

Using our provider search gives you a good indication about how often the specialist has taken part in our Access Gap scheme.

Step 1. Search

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  • specialty and location 
  • doctor name

Step 2. Click on a doctor

On the search results page, click on any doctor you’re interested in.

Step 3. Select procedure fees

Procedure fees are the charges for your surgery.






Health funds don’t pay towards specialist consultation fees, because these are outside the hospital system (the good news is that Medicare rebates generally apply), so the information you need is on the Procedure fees tab. 

Step 4. View their Access Gap history stats

Just remember that you need to ask your doctors to participate in Access Gap and ask for a quote before you go to hospital, known in the industry as 'Informed Financial Consent'.

What is Access Gap?