Our 2022 Member Satisfaction Survey results

Every year we send out our member survey, we get an overwhelming response. More than 2000 Peoplecare members responded to this year’s Member Satisfaction Survey* of 11 other similar health funds and us.

Thanks to all of you who participated in our survey and let us know on how we could improve.

The result?

A whopping 96.2% of our members are satisfied! That’s up from 94.9% in 2021.

Better still, we were the number 1 health fund for:

  • mobile app experience & claiming
  • claiming online and offline
  • ease of finding info on our website

We’re proud that we’re making your health cover easier to manage with the best app in the business, best claiming and the easiest to find member info. And we’re not done yet. We’ve got plenty of useful updates coming your way this year.

How did we do it?

The key to this result is you. We take your feedback each year and make any possible improvements you suggest to keep you happy now and into the future.

You also loved our $5 million Member Give-back  at the end of last year.

More value this year

  • No rise in premiums on 1 April. Premiums are locked at their current rate until 1 October 2022.
  • Lots of upgrades to our app
  • Responding to your needs faster based on more regular mini surveys

* Discovery Research Member Satisfaction Survey 2022

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